Advice 1: How to get a grant for socially important project

The creation of a social project like a business organization: those complex processes, the same promotion also financial investment is required. Whether for business financial investments – investment can be held on a mutually beneficial investor conditions or under a certain percentage, in the case of a social project is not the case.
How to get a grant for socially important project
You will need
  • Project confidence, clear objectives
First of all, you need to understand that the social project carries some social function, that is the main and the main purpose will be just the realization of this socially important goal. But because funds for the project need to look at those individuals and organizations that are engaged in social development. First of all, this non-profit organization and public authorities.
Identifying sources of funding necessary to deal with specific existing forms of funding, one of the main types of which are grants.
To date, grant support is provided for a large number of areas: culture, science, education, rural development. A grant generally is possible on the basis of the contest or in the framework of the target program. The list of target programs is published on the websites of Federal and regional authorities.
Thus, having found on the website of your regional Executive authority (Government authority), the provision of grants, carefully read the list of under financing of projects, since it is the discrepancy between the goals of grant support and your project will be grounds for rejection of the project selection Committee.
In the regulations on the grant prescribed in detail the procedure of the competition and the list of required documents. I recommend not to leave filing to the last day of the allotted period, and to pay them in advance, while the competition organizers in advance looking documents may help you if not all of them correspond to the form, to correct or to bring the documents, not to remove you from the competition at the first stage.
The bidding documentation is a list of questions that you need to give detailed answers. So when filling out the goals, objectives and ideology of the project in detail describe your vision of the essence of the project, how the project may affect the lives of the population, or the health and wellbeing of the target audience. Be careful with the isolation and description of your target audience. As specific as possible in quantitative terms, describe expected results, if possible, describe their dynamics, build graphics, backed by statistics.
Also important for the acceptance of your project, the grant recipient will have information about already held events in the framework of the social project, the participation of the organizers in events on the subject of the project in the region or at the interregional level. A crucial role will have a presentation of your project before the Commission, if required by the conditions of competition. Here, as the diploma of: speak confidently, enthusiastically and focus on the significance and results of the project.
According to the results of the contest the amount of the grant won in case of victory is transferred to your Bank account if you have one. Most often, the money transferred to the account you specified non-profit organization, if you the project is not created by a legal person (it is not required if the project is short-term). In this case, you must find a friendly organization which would agree not only to sign a contract to receive funding from grants, but also to all financial matters related to the expenditure of grant funds and reporting on the funds allocated.

Advice 2 : How to win a scholarship to study abroad

Education abroad is becoming increasingly popular among students and young professionals. Grants - one of the ways to study in foreign universities with limited financial capacity.
Grants are of two types. The first type covers only the tuition fee, such options are the most common. The second type not only pays tuition, but also covers the related expenses from visa to accommodation. Of course, in the first case, such costs will have to pay yourself.

First of all, you need to collect the most complete information about the school and the course that you want to go there. It is best to search for multiple options, this increases the chance for a grant. Do not rush to the high-profile names, talk to graduates of selected educational institutions, their contacts can be found on the websites of schools and universities.

There are several ways to grant

First, you can directly contact the office of the state in which you want to study. Usually all sorts of questions grants and scholarships are administered by the Department for education and culture, where you can get all the information you need. Note that the conditions of grant can be very different, always carefully study the list of requirements for applicants.

Second, you can send information about their achievements to colleges, schools and universities that interest you. In some cases you can obtain from them interesting offers, of course, if you can convince that you are worthy of their scholarship. If the University where you study or studied, has partnered with the interested institution, it may simplify your task.

Third, you can try to obtain grants from various foundations. This is the most time-consuming option. It is suitable for those who for various reasons could not obtain government grants. You need to contact Foundation interested in the development of the field of research in which you are engaged, and to collect the necessary documents. You can turn to the specialized agencies that represent the interests of various funds. All the information about grants and scholarships can be found on the websites of these agencies, in most cases there apply online for a grant.

Required documents

The most important part of grant — making documents. You will need copy of diploma, CV with a complete list of achievements, contact details, work experience, knowledge of foreign languages and other things. But the most important document is the cover letter. It should clearly and in detail write, why you want to get a grant, why you and how are you going to apply that knowledge. Well-written cover letter can seriously affect the final decision of the organization issuing the grants.
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