Parking for cars is not prohibited, but for freight transport there may be certain restrictions which are indicated on road signs. Given the fact that in the conditions of dense urban development in contemporary yards is quite cramped, Parking a large vehicle can cause interference with other road users.
In most cases the car in the yard parked in one of two ways: the first is parallel Parking along the main road, the second in the pocket. The first method requires the driver to have certain skills and a good knowledge of the dimensions of the car. The second is a little easier, but still in the yard need to be especially careful not to touch the standing tightly to each other.
Parking in the yard, also need to know where to put the car impossible. So, it is impossible to put the car in the area of prohibition signs on the lawn, playgrounds. Often in the courts you can find cars parked on one side of the road and the other on the sidewalk – it's against the rules. For the Parking you can get a substantial fine or even losing your iron horse, which will be sent to the impound lot.
Putting the car in the yard, think not only about rules but also about the convenience of other road users. Do not block the exit for other cars and not preterites too close to them. Putting the car in your pocket, leave enough space to the driver or the passenger of neighboring cars could safely open the door. Do not forget about pedestrians: do not block the places where footpaths connect with the road. Be careful: do not put the machine near the ramps, otherwise you will create great difficulties wheelchair users and mothers with prams.
Leaving the car in the yard, do not forget about safety: always close doors and trunk, take away from salon all valuable. If you leave the car at night, be sure to get an alarm, put a special protective device. There are special protective bolts on the wheel and the cover for the fuel tank with locks – all this will be useful if you want to save money on the Parking lot. Choosing where to put the car, give preference to places that are well illuminated by the lamps or hit into the camera lens external supervision. Well, if the Parking spot will be viewed from your window.