What is a graduated haircut

Graduation is a kind of "step" haircut, where every hair, from the inside of the hair to the outside, located one above the other. The length of the hair has smooth transitions. In addition, the calibration can be done in a particular area hairstyles.

Graded haircut: what you need to pay attention

If a graduated haircut is long, but too thin hair you should not keen on cutting out all. Transitions from one level to the other strands should be smooth and unnoticeable. If this condition is not met after 2-3 days made hairstyle will look sloppy and quite rude.

For straight and thin hair is shoulder-length graded haircut usually does not occur because in this case the milled tips isn't very appealing. If you decided to do this to my hair at this length, you need to give the hairstyle volume at the expense of the "ladder" to the top of the head. The length of the upper layer of the strands should reach no more than 5 cm

Graded haircut for long hair do also in the case when you want to reduce the weight of thick hair. This applies especially to curly strands. Due to the "steps" they become more elastic. However, they should not be cut on top too short as this can become like a poodle. When the length of the hair below the shoulders it is possible to perform the calibration, starting from ear level. The transitions should be smooth.

How to do a graduated haircut even more beautiful

Perfectly emphasizes the graduations on the hair a lightening and highlighting individual strands. To add even more appeal and originality for such a hairstyle you can use for highlighting in several different shades.

Styling a graduated haircut should be applied to dry hair foam, mousse, gel or wax. This would emphasize the stepped structure similar hair styles. To put short or medium hair, you need to use a simple flat massage brush for combing.

Under the flow of warm air dryer the strands are dried against the hair growth on both sides. This way you will be able to achieve a stunning Shine, smoothness and volume to your hairstyle.

If you are looking for a really sensual hairstyle, attracting the views of others, look at the graduated haircut. Perhaps this is exactly what you need.