Go through your existing book. Very shabby and uninteresting to date, not a rarity, it is best to hand over in points of reception of waste paper, as elsewhere they are unlikely to accept even as a gift. There also may send outdated scientific literature.
Books in good condition can take library. Usually there is demand literature, the collected works of any author, some of the detectives and, of course, rare books. Before you can carry them there, better to check information about which specific books the library staff will accept the gift.
Interesting and colorfully illustrated books for children try to attach also to the children's library, children's homes and orphanages. In the last two institutions often lack a variety of things, including good literature. That's just tacky of the publication may carry no need to, as the kids will hardly be fun to read this book. Or carefully connected their gifts.
Fiction, modern journalism or the detectives can take home for the disabled or elderly. People often do not what to buy books, and read many of them very much. Thus, not only will you clear a shelf in your closet, but do an act of kindness.
To get rid of unwanted books and using today's popular social movements, which is called bookcrossing. Its essence can be formulated with the phrase "has read – give to another". To do this, go to the sites or score there the title of the book you want to give to her special room and specify the place where you leave her for other people. Take a book with pasted on her room at the address, it could take anyone.
If you are worried for the safety of your literature, take advantage of special shelves for bookcrossing located in some public institutions. You can learn about them on the website. This method allows you to get rid of unwanted books, borrow new ones and follow the fate of their literature on the Internet, because the conscious reader always enters information about the book and the city of its location on the same site.
In addition, books in good condition can be attributed to a used bookstore. There for they may even pay a certain amount – from 5 to 100 for each publication, depending on the demand and the condition of the book.