It's worth buying in Poland

In Poland a lot of factories producing clothes, shoes and children's clothes. Such goods in this country are of high quality and low, by the standards of Russians, prices. It is particularly convenient to do there shopping parents: in Poland, you will find wonderful products for babies and children who have needed school supplies.
In the list of most cheap and high-quality items sterilizers, strollers for toddlers, diapers, toys, children's furniture and utensils.

If you need a computer, laptop, washing machine, cooker, mobile phone, tablet, any large home appliances – feel free to buy these goods in Poland. However, remember that some things will have to order. Anyway, prices for these products, you will find very attractive.

The amber in Poland is very cheap so you can buy the material, and jewelry at extremely low price. If you need an inexpensive author's jewelry will certainly pay attention to small specialty stores and street stalls with jewelry.

In Poland, a rich selection of inexpensive food and drinks. In particular, it is beneficial to buy cheese, fruit, meat, tea, coffee, champagne and wine. Motorists will also love the prices on vehicle parts and tires. If you come to Poland by car, you will not have any difficulties neither with search nor with the transport of suitable products for him.

Where it is possible to bargain

Cheap things can be purchased in Poznan, Warsaw, Polesie and Bialystok. Pay attention not only to the supermarkets and fashion boutiques, but also to markets where they often offer cheap but quality products. You can also find small shops that can boast the widest range, but perfect for those who appreciate affordable, quality products.
Buying things in Warsaw, do not select the main "tourist" street, otherwise you have to overpay. It is better to give preference to shops that are closer to the outskirts, away from the attractions.

In Bialystok it is especially advantageous to purchase any baby clothes produced in Poland, as well as clothing and shoes for adults. Pay special attention to sales: they are held often and can save you a large amount. If you are interested in shops where people can buy cheap luxury goods and ethnic products, go to Gdansk.