Buying a car is a serious step that requires a long process of preparation and number of calculations. Today you can buy a new car and used car.

The second option is becoming more popular. In buying a used car there is nothing wrong, because why much to pay for a new car, when the b/u will cost you much cheaper?

Of course, a number of worries and fears associated with the technical condition of the purchased vehicle. That's why the purchase is always recommended or approved companies, or with the support of a qualified specialist.

Which countries give preference to

But if you decide to make a purchase on their own, many experts recommend to pay attention to a number of foreign countries, which can offer lower prices for the purchase of a used vehicle.

Of course, one of the options of buying a car can be samples from Asian developing countries. In their cars can often be purchased for almost nothing, but the main problem lies in the complexity of delivery to your country and randomness of this process.

Hence the simple conclusion: in theory, it is best to buy a car from China, India or other Asian countries, but in practice this option is very complicated, so I have to spend large amounts of time and effort to ensure the delivery of the vehicle.

Car sales in EU and America

Many of them consider the ability to buy a car in Europe. Indeed, the EU presents a large number of quality models that can be called a good purchase. But just the price of used car in Europe, certainly can not be called low.

In many EU countries used car sales – not-exactly-legal business, and in the scheme can be a large number of middlemen, each of whom wants to get their share from this process. Therefore it is better not to buy a car in Europe, if you want to save.

The best option for buying will be the American market. Many have noted the low cost of cars in the U.S. market, and selling mostly takes place with the help of special auctions, which provide purity of the transaction and the excellent technical condition of vehicles. Of course, you will have to pay additional money for shipping and wait for the arrival of the car in your country. But many buyers experience shows that this option is still much cheaper than buying cars from local sellers.