Cheap accommodation on the red sea

Now not many people decide to acquire real estate in this hot country, on the coast of the red sea. Due to the tense political situation such investment may be threatened. However, the prices of apartments located in the immediate vicinity of the sea, more than acceptable. For example, in Hurghada you can buy a one-bedroom apartment of 50 m2 for only $20-25 thousand In the suburbs, the price can be even more attractive.

Cheap apartments are famous in Thailand and India. However, such housing is not in great demand among Russians. Still, these countries are very far, and the mentality of the local population is quite specific.

European real estate has become very attractive

The lowest real estate prices were in Bulgaria. The economic crisis does not pass by this beautiful country located on the coast. The cost per square meter in the resort towns such as Sozopol and Sveti Vlas is around €400-500.
After the crisis, apartments in Bulgaria are cheaper by 25-30%

Similar situation on the real estate market is in Spain, where much cheaper apartments that are located in resort areas. Property in Spain also sell jars pretty cheap to quickly get rid of collateral of defaulters. Studio apartment in Spain can buy
€40-50 thousand
Very inexpensive maintenance costs of housing in Spain. Property tax is 0.5-1% of the cadastral value of the dwelling, which is 10-15 times lower than the market.

In Czech Republic you can become an owner of inexpensive real estate. In the country rabotaut state program to attract immigrants and the housing market you can find many attractive offers.

In Poland, too, can buy a house quite cheaply. Here pleased to offer a large selection of affordable real estate, which is quite easy to arrange aliens. Poland is a very quiet, relatively cheap and stable country.

In Lithuania and Estonia found very cheap accommodation. In the villages of Lithuania, you can buy an appartment for $5-6 thousand. of course, the quality also matches the price, but for Russians, the purchase of such housing will help to obtain a visa that allows to stay in Europe for much longer.

The cost of private homes in the resorts of Europe is much higher as land is expensive. In some countries, foreigners are generally prohibited by law to acquire land in property.

Not enough to buy a home abroad, you still have to pay the costs of paperwork and be prepared to pay annual property taxes and utilities payments, and in some countries this can amount to a considerable sum.