Today, in order to get appliances on credit, you have several options:

to arrange a loan directly at the store;

- to issue a General consumer credit in the Bank;

to apply for a credit card and pay her for the purchase.

When you select any of these options the first installment is not required.

Particulars of loans for equipment in stores

Today, large dealers offer to take the credit for the goods directly in the store. This type of lending is very popular among the population. Because you can go to the store with virtually no cash and walk out with a TV.

According to statistics, most of the people take loans for home appliances, PCs, and mobile phones.

As a rule, for credit requires a minimum initial contribution - from 10%, but outlets often have special promotions that allow you to take out a loan with no down payment and overpayments. Seemingly ideal conditions. So what's the catch? The reasons for such generosity shops and banks can be as follows:

shop strives to sell obsolete and discontinued models;

- often a mandatory condition of issuance of such loans is insurance, which lays the interest amount;

- banks when issuing such loans to issue credit cards with extremely unfavorable credit conditions.

But most of all in the price already incorporated the interest on the loan.

Apply for the loan is quite simple - the borrower only require a passport. The decision of the Bank normally takes within 1-10 minutes. The maximum amount of loan in most cases does not exceed 100 thousand.

Despite all the advantages inherent in lending in retail outlets (convenience and speed of registration), these loans are extremely unfavorable rates. The lower rate on these loans is 20% and the upper - reaches 100%. They are associated with a high level of non-repayment of such loans (5-10%). In this case, the base rate on the loan (20%) and banks very rarely and is rather a marketing ploy.
Rate on the Express credits in the "home Credit" - 39.9%, "OTP" - 27.9-37.9%, Alfa-Bank is 29.9% + 1,99% monthly Commission; "the Russian standard" - 23.4-65%.

Therefore, to save the family budget, it is better to issue General-purpose consumer credit or a credit card with an interest-free period.

Other methods of registration of loans for equipment with no down payment

To design General-purpose consumer loan should contact the office of the selected Bank and ask for the required amount. At the same time, banks usually do not ask what purpose you arrange the loan. You can also fill the loan application online without leaving home.

For granting the credit in most cases enough to be of working age (18-65 years) and have a regular source of income. Sometimes it is necessary to have registration in the region in which you get a loan. Guarantors are not required. Please note that most banks offer special credit terms to its payroll clients.
The cost of consumer credit varies from 10% to 20% per annum, the sum from 1 thousand to 1 million rubles, a maturity from 3 months to 7 years.

Among the documents you will need your passport and proof of income.

After receiving the money, you can go to the store shopping.

Alternative to consumer credit are credit cards. They are issued in the same way as consumer credit. Importantly, the map had the so-called grace period during which you can return the money for the purchase without charging interest. To pay by card today can be almost any store of electronics and home appliances. After you pay off the Bank for the purchase of the card, the credit limit is renewed, and again to make purchases.