You will need
  • - passport;
  • for the second document;
  • - the contract;
  • - initial payment for the goods.
The benefits of the installments for the product is obvious. You choose the product, pay for a small amount, often enough to make a cash 20-30% of the cost, get a check, you sign a contract that says you have to bring and pay the store a certain amount for the number of months for which you have retrocele payment.
When placing the goodsin installments, you'll need to have a passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation and any other document. You do not need to submit income certificate in the form of a Bank or a unified form 2-NDFL, as required for acquiring a large loan amount. Also you don't need to confirm their experience with reference work. It is very convenient and profitable. You will save not only money in the interest payment, but also time.
The installment contract is an official document that is issued in two copies for each party. On one side are you, another authorised employee of the store. The document shall contain all conditions issued by instalments, the amount paid for the goods as of the first payment, the timing of full repayment of the loan, date and amount of next payment, full details of the seller and buyer, phone for communication.
The interest rate for the use of installments can be very low, no more than 5-10% or missing altogether. You monthly within a specified time will make a certain amount of payment or you can repay the entire debt at once in one lump sum, what shops do not interfere.
After full repayment of the entire amount for the item installment agreement will be revoked, you will receive a receipt confirming full payment of the purchased goods.
At untimely repayment of the payments authorized representative has the right to file a statement of claim in arbitration court and demand not only to repay the debt for the purchased goods, but also to pay a penalty of 1/300 of the outstanding amount for each day of delay in payments.