Be aware that banks today do not give mortgage loans without initial payment. This type of mortgage carries greater risks for both the Bank and the borrower. The initial payment can make from 10% to 90% of the cost of acquiring housing and depends on the proposed Bank's program of mortgages. Source for a down payment can be your own savings, collateral existing or acquired property, loan for other purpose (any consumer credittaken in the Bank). Today the government is trying to stimulate the mortgage creditSC. Offers bets from 10% down payment. This will undoubtedly increase the demand. But be aware that this type of mortgage provides for some additional mandatory types of insurance. This is reflected in the final rate on the loan, increasing it by a few percent.
Try to get a consumer loan in another Bank and use it as a down payment for a mortgage. Be aware that rates on consumer creditam higher than rates on mortgage loan. Therefore, calculate their financial capabilities. But keep in mind that the larger the down payment, the lower the rate on the mortgage. And as a result you can save. Here everything is decided only by your income, which will determine the possibility or impossibility of payment in parallel two credits in the next few years.
When you purchase a car you will easily be able to issue the credit without an initial contribution. Be aware that the interest rates on these loans, usually higher. Not all banks issue credits without initial payment, so find out in advance which banks or car dealers provide this range of services. In some cases, the cost to get a consumer loanthan a carloan without a down payment. Indeed, in the case of getting a carloanand no down payment you will have to pledge the purchased vehicle and to issue annually CASCO insurance for the entire repayment period of the loan.