Advice 1: How to get a loan with no down payment

There are situations when you need to purchase something such as a car or an apartment, and no money. Then you go to the Bank, but many banks require a down payment. Sizes can be different from 15% and up to 50%. Is it possible to get a loan without a down payment?
How to get a loan with no down payment
Be aware that banks today do not give mortgage loans without initial payment. This type of mortgage carries greater risks for both the Bank and the borrower. The initial payment can make from 10% to 90% of the cost of acquiring housing and depends on the proposed Bank's program of mortgages. Source for a down payment can be your own savings, collateral existing or acquired property, loan for other purpose (any consumer credittaken in the Bank). Today the government is trying to stimulate the mortgage creditSC. Offers bets from 10% down payment. This will undoubtedly increase the demand. But be aware that this type of mortgage provides for some additional mandatory types of insurance. This is reflected in the final rate on the loan, increasing it by a few percent.
Try to get a consumer loan in another Bank and use it as a down payment for a mortgage. Be aware that rates on consumer creditam higher than rates on mortgage loan. Therefore, calculate their financial capabilities. But keep in mind that the larger the down payment, the lower the rate on the mortgage. And as a result you can save. Here everything is decided only by your income, which will determine the possibility or impossibility of payment in parallel two credits in the next few years.
When you purchase a car you will easily be able to issue the credit without an initial contribution. Be aware that the interest rates on these loans, usually higher. Not all banks issue credits without initial payment, so find out in advance which banks or car dealers provide this range of services. In some cases, the cost to get a consumer loanthan a carloan without a down payment. Indeed, in the case of getting a carloanand no down payment you will have to pledge the purchased vehicle and to issue annually CASCO insurance for the entire repayment period of the loan.

Advice 2 : How to take the credit in the M-video

M. Video is one of Russia's largest networks of stores selling household appliances, computers, and mobile electronics. If you do not have enough cash to buy any product, you are directly in the shop of the network can apply for a loan.
How to take the credit in the M-video
Find in the range of "M. Video" the item that you are interested in. To receive a loanand it needs to cost no less than 2500 and not more than 200 000. If the price exceeds a specified amount, the portion of the money you will need to make a down payment. You can arrange a single loan for multiple items.
Select the Bank where you want to take a loan. On the territory of "M. Video" are some banks offering such services - "Russian Standard" Cetelem, "Alfa-Bank" and "Renaissance". Their creditprogrammes largely similar to each other. Each of the banks provides a loan "10-10-10", providing for the receipt of goods with the payment of ten percent of the original fee, with the loan for ten months at 10% per annum. However, this favorable credit can spread far not on all goods presented in the store. There are special loans for individual groups of goods. For example, the Bank "Russian standard" offers loan for purchase separately cell phones. Interest on such loanat a fairly large - 65%, but goods can be obtained without payment.
Except interest rate, pay attention to the conditions applicable to the borrower. For example, in Bank "the Renaissance" you can issue creditonly if you are over the age of 25 years.
Complete the form to receive a loanand in the selected Bank. You will only need to present a passport. Allowed even a situation where you have no permanent residence. In this case it will be enough temporary registration for a period of not less than the repayment period of the loan.
Wait from several minutes to hours for the Bank's decision. In the case of his consent, you will be able to make a purchase. If you are refused, you will be able to go to another Bank, cooperating with "M. Video".

Advice 3 : How to get appliances on credit with no down payment

Today the market offers a wide range of banking offers, allowing you to take credit for the technique. In some cases, banks make concessions and to offer to make a loan without a down payment.
How to get appliances on credit with no down payment
Today, in order to get appliances on credit, you have several options:

to arrange a loan directly at the store;

- to issue a General consumer credit in the Bank;

to apply for a credit card and pay her for the purchase.

When you select any of these options the first installment is not required.

Particulars of loans for equipment in stores

Today, large dealers offer to take the credit for the goods directly in the store. This type of lending is very popular among the population. Because you can go to the store with virtually no cash and walk out with a TV.

According to statistics, most of the people take loans for home appliances, PCs, and mobile phones.

As a rule, for credit requires a minimum initial contribution - from 10%, but outlets often have special promotions that allow you to take out a loan with no down payment and overpayments. Seemingly ideal conditions. So what's the catch? The reasons for such generosity shops and banks can be as follows:

shop strives to sell obsolete and discontinued models;

- often a mandatory condition of issuance of such loans is insurance, which lays the interest amount;

- banks when issuing such loans to issue credit cards with extremely unfavorable credit conditions.

But most of all in the price already incorporated the interest on the loan.

Apply for the loan is quite simple - the borrower only require a passport. The decision of the Bank normally takes within 1-10 minutes. The maximum amount of loan in most cases does not exceed 100 thousand.

Despite all the advantages inherent in lending in retail outlets (convenience and speed of registration), these loans are extremely unfavorable rates. The lower rate on these loans is 20% and the upper - reaches 100%. They are associated with a high level of non-repayment of such loans (5-10%). In this case, the base rate on the loan (20%) and banks very rarely and is rather a marketing ploy.
Rate on the Express credits in the "home Credit" - 39.9%, "OTP" - 27.9-37.9%, Alfa-Bank is 29.9% + 1,99% monthly Commission; "the Russian standard" - 23.4-65%.

Therefore, to save the family budget, it is better to issue General-purpose consumer credit or a credit card with an interest-free period.

Other methods of registration of loans for equipment with no down payment

To design General-purpose consumer loan should contact the office of the selected Bank and ask for the required amount. At the same time, banks usually do not ask what purpose you arrange the loan. You can also fill the loan application online without leaving home.

For granting the credit in most cases enough to be of working age (18-65 years) and have a regular source of income. Sometimes it is necessary to have registration in the region in which you get a loan. Guarantors are not required. Please note that most banks offer special credit terms to its payroll clients.
The cost of consumer credit varies from 10% to 20% per annum, the sum from 1 thousand to 1 million rubles, a maturity from 3 months to 7 years.

Among the documents you will need your passport and proof of income.

After receiving the money, you can go to the store shopping.

Alternative to consumer credit are credit cards. They are issued in the same way as consumer credit. Importantly, the map had the so-called grace period during which you can return the money for the purchase without charging interest. To pay by card today can be almost any store of electronics and home appliances. After you pay off the Bank for the purchase of the card, the credit limit is renewed, and again to make purchases.
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