A combination of incongruous

The combination of two metals: gold and silver are not the one adornment, and different jewelry, is considered bad form and a sign of lack of taste. Usually it looks like someone put on all that found in my jewelry box, forgetting about the rules of wearing them. The wrong combination of gold and silver can turn his master into a tasteless and vulgar dude – this is due to the fact that gold is a expensive metal, but silver is cheaper.
Wearing expensive gold jewelry and cheap silver jewelry is equivalent to the combination of the mink coat with the boots.

Despite the perceived incompatible gold with silver, some stylists do not agree with him and believe that these metals it is possible to combine, but with the proviso that the combination will be neat and correct. So, they are strongly recommended to dilute the large gold chain thin chain of silver, but in any case, not Vice versa. The stylists strongly recommend to wear on one finger silver ring, and another gold, because it looks pretentious and cheap.

What you can and cannot wear gold and silver

Daring fashionistas can combine silver bracelet with a gold chain, wearing them a plain blouse or a blouse with a print – with the right combination, this ensemble will look stylish and shocking. Also regardless of age can wear a gold bracelet with a thin silver bracelet, and if a piece of gold will be different from silver jewelry in several colors, the view obtained is excellent. Also will look great along a delicate white gold bracelet and a thin silver bracelet with small brilliantikom – together they will begin to sparkle in the light and will make a great Duo.
Unusual and extraordinary ensemble work, if you combine gold and silver wrist jewelry with a studded rock bracelet.

Those who are well versed in fashion trends and has a perfect sense of style, not being afraid to experiment, to mix and match metals, improvising and picking up jewelry of gold and silver. However, if full confidence in their actions are not desirable to give preference to some one of the metal which will not harm the reputation and style of its owner-experimenter.