Bracelet must match your wrist. Take the thread and wrap it around your wrist. Length in inches will be the size of the bracelet suitable for you. However, remember that between the bracelet and the hand must be at least a small distance, otherwise it will be tight and may tear. The bracelet is too big can accidentally fall off of your hand, you have to constantly correct him and make sure he's not lost. Ideally, if the length of the adornment can be adjusted.
The bracelet should match the size of the hands. If you have a delicate hand, then you will fit almost any gold bracelets, and precious stones. If you are the owner of tiny hands, and the bracelet is a small, elegant and sophisticated. For larger hands, more suitable for wide bracelets, made in the traditional technique, without excessive decorations and insets. If in doubt, then give preference to the gold bracelet of medium size, because it will suit almost everyone.
Look carefully at the connections of the links and clasp of the bracelet. The links should be connected firmly, the pattern is nowhere to be interrupted or distorted. Try to fasten a bracelet by yourself. The padlock should be easy to open with one hand, but securely locking the bracelet, so you don't lose decoration.
The bracelet should fit the clothes. For example, an evening dress you can choose the gold bracelet with stones, but for office work it is better to buy classic, with a simple weave. Also classic costume, you can choose the watch bracelet.