So, it is necessary to start with the main, namely with health. It is believed that wearing gold and silver at the same time denied because the metals have different energy fields. In other words, if gold and silver individually have on the body positive effects, together they affect it negatively, because of the interference of various energy fields.
Gold is a precious metal, invigorating and toning the human body, giving it strength, silver - metal, which cleanses and soothes, gives a sense of peace and tranquility. It turns out that on the inside system of a human being simultaneously affected by two opposite forces, thereby breaking the balance in his body. And this imbalance does not lead to anything good, causing only headaches, migraines and unimportant, not to mention the reduced mood.
In addition, a combination of gold and silver in different jewelry in etiquette it is considered mauvais ton (mauvais ton), that is bad form. It looks as if the owner of the jewelry put on from all that you have in her jewelry box. Besides, if you wear gold and silver simultaneously, you risk to look vulgar and tasteless. This opinion is formed due to the fact that gold is an expensive metal, and silver is cheap. And to combine expensive and cheap items – the height of bad taste. It's the same, what to wear chic mink coat and rough boots with the local sales.
However, many modern stylists and image-makers still believe that sometimes you can combine the two precious metal. Of course, with the caveat that it must be done very carefully so that one of them was a background and the other just a little touch that will emphasize its uniqueness and beauty.
For example, a large gold chain can be diluted to a thin chain of silver. However, in no case should not be worn on one finger ring silver and the other gold. So, if you are well versed in style and are not afraid to experiment, combine these metals, improvise, compare and choose interesting and original combinations.
And again, here there is one caveat: if you predpochitaete eclectic style in which it is not forbidden to break tradition and combine incongruous things you can do to ignore the rules of etiquette and good manners. Especially because nobody forbids you to dress and decorate yourself as you like. There is another option: you can wear jewelry, which includes gold and silver. These products offer today's leading jewelry houses.
If you still are afraid to wear gold and silver simultaneously, try different win-win combination. You can combine yellow with white gold or platinum, which are cold color close to silver. This combination does not look vulgar, but rather prestigious. In addition, wearing of these metals at the same time does not harm health.