Discounts to museums

If you come to Moscow and want to visit different museums, student card becomes a discount card in some of them. For example, a ticket in the Tretyakov gallery for students costs only 250 rubles instead of 400. Discount ticket to the Museum of fine arts. Pushkin's half the price, it cost only 150 rubles. If you want to visit the Museum of the great Patriotic war on Poklonnaya hill, you will get a discount of 50 rubles. In the Moscow Kremlin, all students can get free, and after 16:00 feel free to go to all the exhibitions of the Kremlin.

Big discount is available to students - visitors of the Museum of ancient Russian culture and art. Andrei Rublev, a ticket to the permanent exhibition here is only 50 rubles. State literary Museum, students of Russian universities visited with a ticket for 100 rubles. Museum of S. A. Esenin free takes students on all days except Monday. The most interesting Museum of contemporary history of Russia invites you to purchase tickets at 100 rubles.
Students have free admission to the Moscow zoo.

Entertainment and shopping

Surprisingly, students can visit the Bolshoi theatre is just 20 rubles per ticket. Students are issued tickets with no seat, allowing performances to take any available space, which can be found almost always. Otherwise permitted to watch the performance standing.

For students discounts in cinemas, cafes and entertainment centers. For example, Monday through Wednesday, students can get discounts at cinemas "cinema Park" and "Caro", from Monday to Thursday at the "Luxor Centre" on weekdays in "Kinomaks XL", "Under the dome" and some others.
On Russian Railways, the students are offered discounted tickets on the top shelf coupe in all long-distance trains.

Holders of student tickets and snacks at a discount, for example, in "Aerocare" in the metro "Red gate", in the network of institutions "Sea of land", "FM-cafe" for "Yugo-Zapadnaya" or "Kiji" on "Water stadium".
Students also provide discounts for many educational organizations: foreign language courses, computer or cosmetic.

The students of Moscow universities, even a metro pass is cheaper: only 350 rubles per month. There are a few supermarkets are willing to let students do a small but a discount.