The cost of accommodation for the incoming student primarily pay for housing, food, travel. Additional costs affect entertainment, money to buy clothes or necessities. Scholarship students, of course, cannot cover all costs, even possible part time job will not be able to fully support the young man. And to earn money while studying full time, is not easy. How much money is necessary to select parents for a child to be able to live in Moscow? And how to make a student's life is not as expensive and the invoice for the parents?
Most of the possible expenses you will need to pay for rent. Not even a very chic apartment, located far from the center, in Moscow are very expensive. Therefore, it is best for the student will live in the Dorm, it will remove a huge expense for his accommodation. However, if dorms at the University there or it does not, you can find a few guys, maybe even from the same University and course, which together comfortably to rent an apartment. Then rental costs are not as high. In one room is quite comfortable to live together, and if the apartment is a Studio, and the three of us. Sometimes students choose a room in a Dorm or shared flat.
To reduce transportation costs, housing for the student to pick up near the University, but also to buy a ticket for subway and ground transport. The student should understand that the everyday use of the shuttles will greatly increase his expenses in a month, whereas the use of the transport pass can save more than one thousand rubles.
An important item of saving would be to buying food and cooking. It is necessary to abandon daily food in cafes and eateries, from ordering food at home and purchase ready-made fast food like Shawarma, pizza, rolls, and even instant noodles. Despite its apparent low price, these products are much more expensive than the usual store. If you cook food, it is possible to two times to reduce the cost of food, and to maintain their health.
In any case, you can't allow student to eat only instant noodles or sandwiches. If a prospective student does not know how to cook, is to teach him the preparation of some simple meals before going to the University. Besides, it would be useful to share on food costs with fellow students who reside with a student in a Dorm or apartment. It is much more profitable than if students buy the same set of products for each.
And, of course, student life is a fun time when you want to meet new people and visit interesting places. But you need to remember that the entertainment industry in Moscow is quite expensive, so you should not visit night clubs, cafes and restaurants every week, or you will quickly be left without sent on a month parental money.