You will need
  • Cotton fabric
  • The Hoop
  • Threads "Muline"
  • Cotton bobbin thread
  • A needle with a wide eye
  • Pencil
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Tracing
  • Copy paper
Put the drawing on tracing paper. Lay the ironed fabric on the table face up. Put on her sheet of transfer paper, then tracing paper with the drawing. Trace the pattern with a ballpoint pen. Remove the tracing paper and carbon paper.
Pull the fabric in the Hoop. Pass the needle thread floss 1 addition and panel the elements of the picture seam "forward needle". Sew the outline pattern stitches gladeville. The stitches should fit snugly to each other. When performing unilateral surface stitches on the front side to be long and straight. They are so. Bring the needle on the front side. Pull the thread to make a long straight stitch from one edge element to another. Enter the needle, pull thread to wrong side. Enter the needle from the inside at a distance of 1-2 threads from the previous puncture, pull out the thread on the front side.
On the reverse side you get a point on the contour of the figure. On the reverse side, the needle is introduced at a distance of one or two strands of the previous stitch strictly on the contour lines. For two-sided surface stitches on both sides will be the same. After completing the first stitch on the front side in the same way as with one-sided surface, pull the thread on the reverse side to where you began the first stitch, enter the needle close. Pull the thread on the front side.
Do the flooring. To do this, take a cotton bobbin thread and sew the element of the pattern of parallel lines, seam "forward needle". The direction of the lines must be perpendicular to the arrangement of surface stitches. Then embroider the picture element main thread.
Try to embroider the most common elements of surface. For "cuppy cake" use any element of the pattern circle. Sew the circle to the contour of the seam "forward needle". Make flooring. The flooring gladeview embroider stitches. Similarly, running "leaf". In embroidery this item is necessary to consider that the flooring is laid lengthways, and basic stitches across the element. If you perform "a leaf in split", then you start to embroider it exactly the same way as a simple leaf. In place of split leaf make two parallel stitch. Flooring and surface fill the whole first part of the leaf. Then fill first one part of the leaf. Punctures do between the parallel stitches.
The leaf is one of the most common elements
Embroider "the hole". For this you will need an awl and cotton thread. Pierce the fabric hole. Frayed edges cotton thread. The implementation of the "flower" starts with holes. After you do her and armetale, embroider flower petals the same way you embroidered the "cuppy cake".