You will need
  • - embroidery
  • - a piece of fabric for embroidery,
  • - needle,
  • - embroidery floss in desired colors
  • - a pair of scissors.
Wash cloth pattern for embroidery. You can come by or set of a fashion magazine. Put the fabric in the Hoop so that the pattern appeared in the center.
Thread thread of the desired color in the needle. You can embroider one, two or three strands depending on the thickness of the embroider part of the picture. Take the thread length to the elbow and secure with a knot at the end.
Start to embroider from the centre of the picture. You can use various techniques - cross or satin stitch. Surface usually embroider a ginormous parts (e.g., stems colors) and contours, and cross large parts that require filling with color.
In order to work faster, keep one hand at the top of the Hoop, and another at the bottom. One hand operates a needle on top, and the other captures it from below.
At the end of the thread experienced masters do not make knots. The thread is secured under the stitching double stitch.
At the end of the embroidery wash your work necromante and dry iron. Now you can insert it in a frame and hang it on the wall, or to give your loved one.