To begin, select the location of your future home. Maybe you want to have a stable income and to rent out their property to vacationers visitors. In the summer Crimea lives and want to rent a big or small house very much. Then choose the structure on the coast. Look at the map. On the coast of the Azov and Black seas are beautifully warm city: Sevastopol, Evpatoria, Yalta, Sudak, Kerch, Feodosia. Property for summer vacation it is necessary to choose out there or in the nearby suburbs or towns. Of course, the determining factor is the proximity of the sea. Your purchase will be more expensive than places closer to the water. When you rent a house in the Crimea will pay off pretty quickly.
If you buy a house for yourself and the proximity of the pond is not fundamental, then find the options in the Peninsula. For example, in the district of Simferopol and Bakhchisaray.
A trip to the Crimea with the purpose of the purchase requires training. It is necessary to be informed, to have a clear plan. It is impossible to act spontaneously, because it is easy to encounter unprofessional intermediaries. There, as elsewhere, there are agencies-phony, inadequate sellers-owners. At best You will lose time and nerves; at worst the money to buy. So work only with reliable real estate agencies.
Before to go to the Crimea, to buy a house, you have to gather information, make a list of reliable real estate agencies of Crimea, read the forums, the reviews, form an opinion about the reputation of a particular Agency. With this information you can go to the Crimea to continue the search.
On arrival in the Crimea proceed to search for real estate with the help of the local media. They, like the Internet, provide relevant and reliable information. In person there is the opportunity to go and inspect the proposed sites, meet with realtors, owners and select purchase. To check the title you will, again, only on site and not remotely.
If you are not an expert on real estate and the way people in Crimea don't have, without an agent can not do. But it must be borne in mind. First, you must know what kind of house you want and for what money. Second, hired the agent you want to talk in detail about their preferences, so he gathered and provided much information.
When you decide to buy, demand that the documents of title and, after reviewing them, give a Deposit. Prepare for the transaction and calculations that you will make a deal and pass the procedure of state registration of rights of ownership (very similar to Russian except for the fact that you will be asked to prove citizenship, and this may require additional help from the police of the Russian Federation).
Keep in mind. In some areas of Crimea are sometimes noticed slightly elevated levels of radiation, and therefore to live and relax there is a health hazard. So be sure when inspecting the house armed with a dosimeter. Check the surrounding land and every corner of the house.