Mercury thermometers

Before mercury thermometers were not unique, and all use of this device, inside of which is enclosed hazardous substance – mercury. But this thermometer has a number of advantages for which it is used still. First, it is one of the most accurate devices for measuring temperature: neither electronic nor other modern thermometers are not precision.

Second, mercury thermometer well that measures the temperature in any conditions, extraneous factors do not affect the results. In addition, the glass mercury thermometer can be disinfected by dropping in a liquid solution.

Due to this quality they are still used in many medical institutions.

Mercury thermometer – the cheapest of all the peers, although gradually this situation is changing: the mercury is more expensive, and the design of electronic devices reduces the cost.

The main disadvantages of this thermometer for a long temperature measurement and the danger of mercury. Glass device is easily broken, and two grams of contained liquid metal, or rather its fumes have an adverse impact on the human body.

Electronic thermometers

Electronic thermometers are deprived of the main disadvantages of mercury devices: they are harmless to health and allow you to quickly measure the temperature. This is especially important for children who find it difficult to sit for 5 minutes still with a thermometer under his arm. Electronic thermometers show the result in a minute, many of them published in the right moment sound.

In addition, these devices often remain in the memory of the results that allows you to follow the course of the disease or condition.

These are more expensive than mercury thermometers, but they are more durable – not break. Over time they are becoming more traditional thermometers are gradually disappear from the market, they are replaced by electronic devices. Disinfecting them is more complicated – some models do not dipped in the solutions. In addition, these thermometers, especially the poor and cheap, have small errors in measurement.

Infrared other thermometers

In addition to mercury and electronic, there are other types of thermometers. Infrared thermometers are divided into two types: temporal and ear. They are very comfortable thanks to the contactless measurement method, but at the same time do not have a good accuracy, but are expensive.

The thermometer button is a special little thermometer to measure rectal temperature in children under three years. It is safe, accurate, but short-lived.

Disposable thermometers are called terroristami is strips that are applied to the forehead or put in your mouth. After fifteen seconds to know the result. They are cheap and convenient, but very inaccurate – some do not show the numeric value, but only display letter symbols: the temperature is normal, raised or lowered.