Unfortunately, the vaccine that could prevent this disease does not exist. Therefore, the only way not to get sick, is the only care. Like many other infectious diseases, scarlet fever is transmitted in two main ways: by airborne droplets — coughing or sneezing and through contaminated household items. Try not to come into contact with people who have clearly expressed colds or a rash on the body.
Follow the basic rules of hygiene. Do not take up subjects that relate to the patient, and if I took — well wash your hands with soap, and better yet, disinfect them. Do not use in conjunction with the ill person's clothes, towels, bed linens and other household items.
If in child care identified at least one patient with scarlet fever the child should be immediately isolated from other children for three weeks. The room in which he was treated with a 0.5% solution of chloramine, and the dishes and linen boil.Children and adults who had contact with a sick person, are required to appoint within five days conducting gargling antiseptic solution (4 times a day after meals).
If someone got sick in your family, try to isolate him from other family members. If possible, designate a separate room, as well as dishes, linen, towels, hygiene items, toys, if it is a child. Linen and utensils boiled daily, toys are washed under running water with soap. While caring for a sick do not hesitate to wear a sterile mask. Be sure to gargle with an antiseptic solution, and take vitamin C. This will protect you from infection. Regularly wet cleaning (daily) with the use of detergents and ventilate the room (at least 4 times a day).
Scarlet fever is the easiest "captures" those people who have reduced immunity, there is a lack of vitamins in the body. Therefore, the most effective prevention for this disease is considered balanced, full nutrition, training events, sports.