Let us carefully consider the skin rash. When she rounded rubella pale pink color, its diameter is from 2 to 5 mm. Starting on the face and neck within a few hours, the rash spreads throughout the body. On the body it manifests itself unevenly on the joints of the hands and feet, back and buttocks she concentrated most on her face a little, and on the palms and feet no. In children 1-3 days after education, it gradually pales and disappears.
Measure the temperature. 2-3 days after the rash appears, it can rise to 38 degrees.
Examine the occipital bone, behind the ear and zadnesheynyh lymph nodes. Rubella when they are enlarged. Pressing pain occur.
Give blood from a vein for analysis. This analysis is rented for 1-3 days after onset of disease and repeated after 7-10 days. The presence of antibodies rubella confirms that person ill with the disease. Each person can recover from measles only once in a lifetime, because after the disease develop a strong lifelong immunity to the disease.
Please note that adults carry this disease harder than children. When rubella they usually feel a General malaise, aching joints and muscles, headache. They have a high fever accompanied by severe chills. Also often appears cold, cough with throat pain, lacrimation and photophobia. In adults the rash disappears about 5 days.