You will need
  • - tincture;
  • - grass.
Nodes are of arbitrary shape and different sizes. Sometimes they contain liquid, this indicates the formation of cysts. With age many people develop these growths on the thyroid gland. The sooner checks for a node, the better for the patient. Most of all, his education is not accompanied by any special symptoms. Nodes on the thyroid gland can be determined randomly: on examination by a physician or independently.
Sometimes there is discomfort in the glands. This can be difficulty in breathing, some pain or a sensation of a lump in the throat. The knots develop very slowly, so their presence is not always felt. But when they grow fast, within a few days or weeks to become noticeable. No need to panic, if you have neck pain or changes in voice. This may indicate other diseases.
Most often, nodes on the thyroid gland arise from the lack of iodine in the body. Violations occur, and the thyroid gland can no longer perform the coordinating action in relation to the processes occurring in the body. If you regularly conduct therapeutic procedures, the nodes will disappear and the thyroid will function properly.
As therapeutic elixir used the infusion from 200 g partitions walnuts mixed with 500 ml of vodka. This mixture was tightly sealed and put in cool place for 1 month. After the specified period medicine filter and take the morning before eating for 15 ml. after Drinking a potion that should rest in a reclining position for a couple of hours. Use the medicine until it finishes. After six months need to be examined. If the nodes did not disappear or re-formed, the procedure is repeated.
White Potentilla is an herb which improves the thyroid activity. 1 liter of vodka mixed with 100 g of roots lapchatki, pre-shredded. Removing in a well ventilated location out of direct sunlight, kept for 1 month. Drink half an hour before eating 2 tablespoons strained tincture daily for a month. Also to traditional methods of treatment include the intake of iodine 5%, which is mixed with the juice and a little Apple cider vinegar.