Manufacturing of volumetric letters

Pick a word or phrase and write them in a computer program or manually to the desired font. Try not to use very complex font, it will be difficult to cut. Make layouts of letters on paper. Lay the front of the Styrofoam you plan to use for the manufacture of letters, and try layouts to individual pieces. If you plan to leave the letters without the need for external decor, try to cut them then one solid piece.
Foam sheets can be purchased in stores for creativity and DIY stores.

Set the layout of the letters on the foam using a ruler and a marker or pen. Cut the workpiece with a sharp knife with a long, solid blade. Clean up the edges first with a knife, then sandpaper.
When cut the letters from foam, make sure the blade was perpendicular to the plane.

If the foam was with large grains in the process of cutting could appear major flaws in the form of deep recesses that are not sanded. Narva newspaper sheets into small pieces and polate them all the letters evenly. Promazyvaya with white glue. After drying papier-mache, treat all planes with sandpaper and Prime. Next you can decorate the letters at their discretion.

Decoration letters with their hands

Letters from foam can be painted with acrylic paint. If you are using another paint, ensure that it does not dissolve the foam. It's best to work with a sponge, not a brush. So get the paint evenly. If the letters are very large, use a foam roller.

Original will look of the letters, if they decorate the self-adhesive film. It is sold in different colors and textures. Choose the most appropriate for your business.

Decorate foam letters can be ordinary Christmas lights. Then secure it with transparent tape along the contour of each letter. Don't forget to follow, to have a outlet or extension cord.
For home decor letters around the perimeter, you can decorate led ribbon. You get a kind of night light.

Wrap the letters with colored wool threads. First, apply the foam double-sided tape, and then apply rows of thread. You can use one color, and you can make the letters colorful.

Decorating letters from foam

To decorate the room make the sign of foam. For its production, use foam ceiling tiles. Cut out desired word or phrase. Pick the right size frame to fit the inscription inside. Arrange baguette and a substrate under the style of the room. Glue the floor glue gun.

For the original winter photo shoots decorate foam letters knitted caps.