Try to make a papier-mache together with the child, taking as a form of Apple.
You will need the following materials and tools:
- form — small Apple, possibly more correct form;
- flour and water for making paste;
- capacity for cooking paste (metal bowl);
- old Newspapers;
white paper for the top layer of the product;
- scissors;
sharp paper knife or blade;
- colors.
transparent Polish for furniture;
- a set of brushes.

    To make papier-mache quickly and accurately, follow the following sequence of actions.

  1. Cook the paste. To do this, pour 3 tbsp of flour small amount of the cooled water, carefully stir the mixture until the consistency resembles thick cream. Put on the stove a bowl of water (1-1. 5 cups) and bring to the boil, then a thin stream pour the prepared mixture into the boiling water, stirring it intensively. When the mass has thickened sufficiently, remove the container with a plate and refrigerate.
  2. Washed Apple put on the table, and cover it with a layer of newsprint, consisting of torn small pieces of paper. Pieces of paper of irregular shape, rinse with water and place on the surface of the Apple so that they densely adjoined to each other. The first layer is ready.
  3. Repeat this operation five or six times, but the pieces do not soak the newspaper with water, and attach with glue.
  4. A good dry papier-mache.
  5. Repeat step 2, with 5-6 layers of newspaper and the top layer of white paper, making sure that the surface was evenly covered with it and nowhere looked the pieces of paper.
  6. Again well dry papier-mache.
  7. With a sharp knife carefully cut the shape and remove the Apple. Edges of the resulting halves of an Apple from papier-mache grease glue (PVA, stationery, and the best - superglue) and gently tap between them, pressing as tightly as possible without the risk of damaging the product. Thoroughly dry the seam, then sand it so it was not as noticeable.

The main technical part of the job is finished. As you can see, make papier-mâché turned out to be not so difficult.

Remains the most creative phase. Turn on your imagination and artistic imagination either take a sample in front of you as a real Apple and paint the layout with gouache or acrylic paints. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly and apply a coat of clear lacquer. Now it only remains to attach the stalk (from a real Apple, previously well dried) and Apple papier-mache finish.