Select any font, adjust its size and thickness, and then configure the settings for the Nudge Offset. Then adjust the size of the Contour effect. This will ensure precision and accuracy the further transformation of letters.
Preparing the text, press Ctrl+Q to convert it to curves, then apply to the text the effect of Contour and break the text into individual objects using the Arrange>Break Apart.
Duplicate the original font, press +, then select the tool, Pick Tool and select offset font. Holding down Shift, select the inner contour and select the Trim function.
The objects that you have, modify the tool Shape Tool, enable Dynamic Guides to lines and nodes are moved smoothly and accurately. Get these actions right amount of text.
If you want to make the text look faceted, turn it into curves, just as was explained above, and using the Contour function conduct pre-faces to the letters. Use the tool Free Hand Tool and turn on snap to objects.
With the help of this tool make the notches the edges of the faceted faces of the future characters, and then choose the tool Smart Fill Color and turn limited by the contours of the area into a separate object. Remove the tick, then remove the loop, and break the text into individual letters with Ctrl+K. Select gradient fill.