What is torticollis and how it threatens the newborn baby

Torticollis newborn baby is a disease characterized by impaired development of the sternocleidomastoid muscle and its shortening. A typical symptom of the disease is to constantly tilt the child's head to the affected side while the chin is looking in the opposite direction. This is a fairly common defect in infants to date.

The cause of the pathology may be incorrect position of the fetus in the womb, moved pregnant infections and birth injuries.

Depending on the causes, we distinguish congenital and acquired torticollis. The latter could be the installation is the result of improper care when the infant always placed to sleep on the same side, muscle damage is not happening.

If you do not pay enough attention to the problem, the disease can lead to the development of facial asymmetry, blood circulation and the emergence of permanent muscle pain.
Problems with the spine lead to neurology, and the brain begins to suffer from lack of oxygen.

Prevention of the disease

Conducted timely measures to prevent the development of disease, you can avoid serious complications.
Prevention of torticollis involves the following activities:

To avoid torticollis in a child, it is recommended in the nursing home to put him on different sides. Also the building – laying of the baby on the right side, then on the left, does not give the fragile bones of his head to accept the wrong form.

Pediatrician recommended daily gymnastic exercises on the fitball help to develop all muscle groups of the child and strengthen them.

Another good tool is the orthopedic pillow size 30х22 cm with special recess that captures the head in the correct position. Such release of the company "tempura", "Theraline", and tackier Russian "Trives".

Help can massage courses. Since babies bones are still very fragile and easily damaged, the massaging should be done with extreme caution. Even a gentle massage can stop the progress of incipient disease.

During the games the child laying on his stomach on a hard surface. So he quickly learned to keep the correct head.

Toys in the cot can not be placed on the same side of the baby. Constantly changing their position, it is possible to prevent the rotation of his head to the same side.

At the first signs of illness should immediately go to the doctor-osteopath and follow all the recommendations. Perhaps he will appoint a special complex of therapeutic exercises.