First of all, it should be diagnosed! In most cases, improper position of baby head pay attention is still in the hospital. You then need to determine the cause of torticollis. Since it depends on the treatment method. To correctly determine the cause of the disease, necessary consultation of doctors of different profiles: pediatrician, neurologist, orthopedist.
In most cases, torticollis is called high tone of the sternocleidomastoid muscle that leads to its reduction and, consequently, tilt the child's head in the wrong direction. Treatment should turn on three basic approaches: the "correct position" (i.e. the child must be placed and worn on the hands so that the shortened muscle is gradually "stretched"), medical gymnastics and massage.
"Correct position" means that we should strongly limit the possibility of rotation of the head of the child in the "healthy" side. Make the baby as often as possible turned her head in the "sick" side, thereby gradually stretching shortened muscle.
When the child is in bed, and securely fix the "healthy" side of the head (for example, by using a soft, but heavy duty rollers with different fillings). Approach it and stop, only with a "sick" hand, thereby stimulating the turns there.
When the child is in your hands, hold it, pressing the "healthy" side of head to shoulder or his arm. The problem is the same: to ensure that the baby turns head stretched damaged muscle.
Physiotherapy if torticollis can be done independently, or with the assistance of skilled health workers. In the first case, get the necessary consultation! Therapeutic gymnastics is in turns and tilts the child's head while fixing his body (especially shoulders). Therefore, it is performed by both parents: one captures the child's body, the other gently turns and tilts his head.
Massage in any case it is better to entrust to professionals. As a minimum, because the result probably will be more effective.