Regardless of what was the height and weight of children at birth, during the first month of extrauterine life, it can add up to 900 grams of weight and grow at 2-3 centimeters. Growth baby age one month is 53-55 inches, weight of 3600-3900 grams. Do not panic if the height or weight of the baby differ with the specified standards. It is necessary to consider what were the settings at birth. On the skin there may appear white or red bumps that should not cause concern, as during the first month of life a baby's skin adapts to its environment. It is urgent to inform the pediatrician about a large number of lesions that may accompany such phenomena as allergic reactions, imbalance of intestinal infections.
In the first month of a child's life are complex hormonal changes. The consequence of the baby can detect the swelling of the breast. Swelling of the scrotum in boys and mucous or bloody discharge from the genital organs in girls is a consequence of the influence of hormones of the mother and personal hormonal changes. These phenomena are considered physiologically normal and do not require special treatment. They should be gone for 1-2 weeks while performing hygiene procedures, including thorough cleaning after each bowel movement, bathing in the tub. With a strong swelling of the breast, it is impossible to squeeze out their contents. If swelling of scrotum in boys, swelling of the breast and discharge from the genitals in girls, do not pass, you must contact the pediatrician.
Eye color remains the same as it was at birth. Most of the time, eyes closed, as the child sleeps. If during wakefulness is found abundant tearing, pus or mucus from the eyes, you must consult an eye specialist or pediatrician as a possible cause of this phenomenon is the blockage of the lachrymal-nasal duct. For its cleaning it is necessary to carry out the procedure of perforations in a specialized medical child care in the direction of a physician. If you place large bright objects at a distance of 15-25 cm from the face of the baby and to move them, he will follow them. The baby responds to the sound, trying to turn his head to the sound source. If your child finds it difficult to turn my head and he puts it on the same side, it is recommended to alternate the baby's position at the time when it is in the hands of mothers when feeding or during sleep. This technique is the prevention of torticollis baby.
When set to "prone" child first month of life are able for a short time to lift the head. Little distinguishes the parent's voice from other voices, and the voice of the parents the child can "COO". At the sight of a smile can smile.