When a child is born, his mind still not real hair. It can be born completely bald or his head will cover the subtlest fuzz. This bloom will last on the mind of the child to about six months, often up to 4 months. Then all the first hair will gradually fall out and are replaced by these stronger and thicker. However, the process of hair replacement may be delayed, and then have a one year old child can show off all the same lightweight fluff instead of good hair.

Whether to follow tradition?

Traditionally, the child in this time you need to shave bald, then hair grew normal. Maybe for some children who still have not got rid of until the end of their first hairs, this procedure will benefit. But this is an exception to the rule. No change in the structure of the hair from a haircut nalyso can not occur. Even after this procedure, the child's hair may need a long time to be subtle and rare. Or, on the contrary, in a year they can grow thick and long. The thing here is not the haircut in a timely manner, and in the genes and heredity parents.

In some families this tradition is of great controversy and even scandal, when young mothers do not want to give their toddlers in the hands of hairdressers and grandmother accuse them of violating traditions. Where did the confidence from mothers and grandmothers, to cut the child off just need? All the matter in the ancient Christian tradition: in the past families-old child cut a lock of hair, wrapped in a handkerchief that was placed in the red corner with icons. This parcel was to protect the child from harm. When the girl got married or the guy went to war, this bag of hair I gave them as a talisman for good luck and happiness.

Don't hurt my baby!

Nothing to do with the current state of Affairs, this ancient custom has not already. So the baby hair you can just trim that they did not climb into the eyes and looked more carefully, but not shave bald. In the summer, this procedure will cause smiles and sneers of passers-by and other children, causing the baby and the mother feel uncomfortable, and in winter would deprive the child's natural heat. In addition, you can easily injure or frighten the baby machine. No advantages have a haircut there.

Shaving the child bald is recommended only in case of extreme need: "when he had lice, and put them in other way, when your kid's hair gets gum and burdock. Such extreme cases for young children a rarity, so don't worry, let your baby's hair grow back naturally.