If the dress is too tight bodice, let out the fabric in the side seams or paste in Boca small "wedges from the same cloth. It will immediately make the bodice more free and convenient, expand it. To do this, adjust the tone, the fabric, the strut at the seams of the dress and vsheyte "wedges on the sides. Do not forget a good measure and finally shivaite only after fitting.
If dresses are worn of the sleeves, make it sleeveless. To do this, fight back at the seams of the sleeves, do more tauste the neck and shoulders. Sundress is a widely used and comfortable clothing, you can wear it both at home and at work.
Quite a lot of options to rework it hides wool dress. Sundress out of it to find the easiest way, style can choose a small neck, oval neck, and even with the zipper. To give unusual sundress, you can add patch pockets, trim edging, stitching or belt. It all depends on your imagination. Sundress is nice because you can constantly change the bottom blouses and turtlenecks.
To make the dress blouse, enough from the belt to separate the bottom part of the dress, which you can use when sewing sleeves if previously they were not. The bottom tuck and hem, maybe add a belt, picking up the cloth.
Remake an old dress in a long skirt is also pretty simple. Take the lower part of the bodice and extend with the skirt. Wide lower part of the dress can quickly turn into a narrow straight skirt. Performing tailoring, keep in mind that the rear panel is cut in the shape of two halves, the middle seam vsheyte zip.
Don't forget that with the alteration of dress skirt patterns, you can lengthen or shorten the line, which is indicated on the pattern. If such a line there, draw her hands. It is often located slightly below the widest part of the hips, Ocala 30 cm below the waist line. Is it perpendicular to the grain lines. From the waist line at equal distance at the side seam mark the two points, draw a line between them. Please keep in mind during the shortening or lengthening of a skirt the width of bending the bottom.