You will need
  • Needle and sewing needle for beads, thread, conventional and colorless, tailor scissors, seam Ripper, sewing machine, finishing materials.
To increase the size of the dress should be only in case if it is not much, you little. Point is possible by issuing stock to the joints and reduce or blooming of Darts. You can insert into the seams and piping. They come in different widths and colors. So clothing acquire decorative. Elastic webbing will give greater freedom due to the additional stretching.
Old dress, which you want to update or a new dress, which is something not enough, you can embroider in different ways.
Use soutache cord with a special notch in the middle for felling the sewing machine. Soutache is possible to choose the color of the product, and you can play on the contrast. Be sure to check, not painted whether soutache, soaking it in hot water and putting on the white cloth. It can Topstitch the spur of the moment like going, you can Topstitch along the edges (e.g. on the bottom or the neck), and by drawing on the special otstiryvaniya soap or pencil. The end of the soutache should be good to fill in the picture.
Using these same techniques, you can embroider the clothes with beads, stones, sequins, decorative ribbons, guipure. For beads need a special needle. Thread must periodically to fix, so when you break bloom the whole picture. Sequins, depending on the species, it is possible to manually sew or Topstitch clear thread on the machine. Sew them on his hands much longer, but the result is much better.