General guidelines

Before you go to the pharmacy for antidepressants, it is important to determine the causes of the problems. Depression, and reduced vitality, lethargy, apathy, nervousness and tearfulness (as well as other manifestations of mental illness) can be caused by various factors. For example, such violations are accompanied by some infectious disease, occurring is hidden, that is sometimes removing the true causes of depression requires a full medical examination.

The medications, antidepressant distinguish between stimulating and sedative (according to the mechanism of action on mentality of the patient). Many of the antidepressantssold and pharmacies without prescription, made of plant-based. The prickly Thistle, Schizandra, root maralia, immortelle Rhodiola rosea in the list of these herbs includes active substances, effectively raising the tone and get rid of bad moods, feelings of depression and normalizes sleep and appetite.

The choice of specific drugs

The list of drugs having a similar effect are extensive. However, to buy and make them worth considering only after studying the instructions, especially indications and contraindications.

In milder forms of depressive disorders can start with a combination of the tinctures of Valerian and motherwort are sold freely. Such a mixture, the dosage of which is calculated depending on the age and weight of the patient, helps with sleep disorders, anxiety and anxiety. Quite a safe drug, according to experts, can be considered a "Debarim", increasing mood, and performance. The active ingredient in its composition is St. John's wort.
It is important to remember that after taking improperly selected drugs the condition of patients can deteriorate, so even before purchasing over-the-counter medicines such profile you need to consult with your doctor.

Among the medications used in long-term low mood, psychomotor retardation, apathy and anxiety, it is possible to allocate "Maprotiline" (or "Ludiomil"). With increased nervous excitability, which is accompanied by insomnia and irritability, is recommended "Persen", which is composed of various components of plant origin. In depressive States arising from those who decided to quit Smoking or give up drinking, you can stop the choice on "Afobazol" or to buy "Ziban" (also known under the trade names "Nosmok or Wellbutrin").
Only with an integrated approach, as the doctors say, you can cope with depression and its various manifestations.

Doctors warn that even the most effective antidepressants is not guaranteed to solve the problem. Medication often combined with other recommendations from effective load balancing and reviewing daily routines to the daily exercise and vitamin therapy.