How to store engine oil

The main factor affecting the shelf life for engine oil – storage conditions. First, a can not leave in the sun in the clear – keep it entirely closed or sealed. Store the oil preferably in a ventilated area. Reduces the shelf life of engine oil and constant exposure to sudden changes in temperature/humidity.

By its technical characteristics, the engine oil can be stored from four to five years, but they can become obsolete and do not match the new engines.

Oil for a new car need to be updated regularly as the lubricant is stored for about a year, can not meet the requirements set for modern engines. If the car is old, and stored motor oil for more than three years, carefully read the label – it must meet industry standards. You can also take additional preventive measures, passing the oil for analysis to a laboratory where it will be tested the basic properties and determine their current level of conformity with original specifications. However, this is a fairly expensive way – cheaper to buy new engine oil and do not fool his head.

The shelf life of motor oil

Usually the duration of the shelf life of oil depends on its characteristics – the simpler the oil, the longer the shelf life. In the room at a temperature of about twenty degrees Celsius, technology, transmission, synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral (base) oils can be stored for more than three years. Compression and hydraulic oil in such conditions it is possible to store not more than two years.

To identify stale oil can be upset in the form of solid material, as well as change or blurred colors caused by the mould oil or water.

Guaranteed shelf life of motor oil is five years from the date of release of the lubricant. The production date can be found on the canister (the side surface), which shows the day/month/year from the date of factory manufacturing oil. To extend the shelf life of products, it is desirable to keep the engine oil in the room with normal humidity and temperature, not exceeding sixty degrees. Engine oil can freeze, and the storage temperature should be below the temperature of their solidification.