Officially accepted is the shelf life of the perfume from 3 to 5 years. In fact, if the spirits are already 6-8 years, it does not mean that they are spoiled. Quality toilet water is based on a special alcohol, which plays the role of preservative. After all, age is considered a huge advantage, and for wine, and for brandy, although the manufacturer considers it his duty to put on the label the shelf life of the product. That perfume was "infused".
In addition, there are vintage scents, made 20, 30, 40 years ago. They are valued much more expensive than the toilet water consumer put on the conveyor. For example, judges do not hesitate to give a tidy sum for the original "Chanel No. 5" issued during the life of the legendary Coco. The formula of the perfume has since been varied, but many want to touch the first version of the fragrance, which was so fond of Marilyn Monroe. Therefore, the original vintage perfumes are very expensive because they are discontinued. But this does not detract from their quality when properly stored the perfume does not lose its qualities. On the contrary, over time the smell appears more and more.
However, the shelf life of a perfume can fall if not properly stored. Do not use perfume, if the bottom sediment appeared, and the walls of the bubbles. Strange unpleasant smell suggests that the spirits were corrupted. In addition, the skin often signals the ending of the shelf life of toilet water. When applying this fragrance you may receive a burning sensation or redness.
Not to destroy the formula and the composition of the perfume, you need to protect it from direct sunlight. Many women prefer to exhibit beautiful designer bottles on the dressing table, using them as decorative accessories. If the bottle is empty, there is nothing to worry. But if it contains even a drop of spirits, it is recommended to hide it in a dark place. For example, in the far corner of the linen cupboard.
Also the shelf life of the perfume depends on the temperature. Spirits needs a cool place. But refrigerator storage is not necessary. It is necessary to protect the perfume from heat and from frost. And it is not permissible to store it in the bathroom where during the day several times changing the temperature.
To extend the shelf life of the flavor you need to provide him peace. This means, to keep shaking to a minimum. Therefore, perfume can be stored on a shelf behind the door, but not in a drawer.
In the presence of a gun problem integrity solved. If the spirits of the closed tube, it is necessary to make sure that she is always "sitting" tightly, as exposure to air destroys the bouquet.
The conclusion is: to perfume were not terrible years, it must be stored in a dark place with a stable temperature not above +25 ° C not below +10 ° C and at a relative humidity of 70%.