You will need
  • - the claim about contest:
  • - 2 copies of the lawsuit (plaintiff and defendant);
  • - receipt about payment of state duty;
  • -1 copy of the decision on divorce;
  • - other significant documents, at the personal discretion of the plaintiff.
First, you must within 10 days file a claim contesting. Under such a claim have in mind: appeal, cassation complaint or a counterclaim. This document is submitted to the court, who was involved in your divorce process.
If the divorce case was pending in the magistrate's court, appeal should be submitted to the same. From there your case will be transferred to district court which will make the final verdict. If the primary session was held in the district court, as a lawsuit challenging you will need to Lodge an appeal. Cassation will be considered in the regional court (if the case were in the field) or in the Moscow city court.
Please note that you will not be able to challenge the decision of the court, without weighty arguments and convincing evidence. One "disagree" is not enough to have your claim sent back for retrial. Like any official document, the claim of contesting the divorce written by hand or typed on the computer on a sheet of A4.
The document must specify:
- the name of the court of appeal (for example, the magistrate court plot number 15 in Dzerzhinsky district court of Moscow, name of the judge);
- Name of the plaintiff and defendant, here are their addresses;
- the date of marriage registration;
- date of divorce (information to appeal the decision);
- the reasons of writing of the claim and the motives of the plaintiff (provide good arguments for the restoration of the marriage);
- claims.
However, remember that this is just the official part of your family relationships. Therefore, whatever the court's decision, if you want to keep the family together, fight for it!