Why in this age people are starting to fall

How realistic is much to fall in love at the age of 50 years? And than later the feeling will be different from the young? Love when a man falls in love, after living for half a century, and growing children call "late". Not worth the time to call old age, is better suitable for "maturity". It is not surprising that the lovers in this age speak about their feelings: "It is the brightest love I had in life. So sorry she came so late."

In the family there comes a time when the couple needs to relearn how to live together. When the children are adults and independent, many of the children have their own families, some are learning. If the couple lived together only for the children, such a marriage can disintegrate. They have a chance to make up for what I missed for the sake of duty to his family.
It happens in families where spouses do not have common interests. A similar syndrome can be called "empty nest".

Who often falls in love, at this stage of life

Most psychologists attend women with the problem, which is that the husband left the family, fell in love and went off with another girl. Many men the question arises: with whom to stay with a new girlfriend or wife? Usually the person starts to push all at once and with the stress of children, jointly acquired wealth, which is not quite much and want to share, legal costs and much more.
Because of this, many returning to their families and live until old age separates them.

This is not the case with those who have already experienced divorce and remained single. Such people do not prevent to fall in love again, to marry or to marry. However, such relationships are not always based on love. Many are just looking for a friend, that was not lonely. With whom they can talk and just feel needed. Or people are Hedonists who need constant care. You can often find couples where the man is a hedonist, and a woman can not bear the loneliness.

The older a person is, the need to be interested in the opposite sex does not become less. Moreover, already by the age of 50 has a certain amount of wisdom and skills of proper communication during love.

No wonder they say: "Love all age are obedient". It is impossible to exclude the fact that in 50 years people can truly fall in love.