Roses delivered in a vase, quickly wither. Sometimes they lose their beauty for two or three days, even if you change the water in the vase. The reasons for this can be many. First, improper care, bad tap water, etc. second, the colors can be stale. As you know, the largest supplier of flowers in Russia is the Netherlands. It is therefore not surprising that the flowers after the long transport, stunted and lethargic. Roses that are brought to us from Holland, and sometimes go on sale until a month after cutting.

How to care for roses

If you want to presented a bouquet of roses makes you happy for at least a week, then it will require daily care.

Seven rules, by observing which flowers in the vase wilt one to two weeks:
1. Before you put the roses in a vase, cut off the lower leaves. If the leaves are constantly in contact with water, in the water there are bacteria.
2. The stems need to be cut at an angle. Then the cut surface will be larger, and so the flowers will absorb more water. To produce a crop of better stems under running water.
3. The water should be clean. Chlorinated tap water is very quickly ruining these delicate flowers like roses. It is better to use filtered water.
4. To water there is bacteria, it is recommended to dissolve a tablet of aspirin. Acid suppresses the reproduction of microorganisms.
5. Flowers need nutrients. Add the water, 20 grams of sugar.
6. Change water in vase every day.
7. The flower vase should be placed in a cool place (optimum temperature +18...+22 °C). Direct sunlight is not recommended for roses. Also roses wilt from drafts.

What if roses wilt in one day?

If you cut the roses begin to fade, you can revive it by putting in a tub or basin with cold water for a few hours. Try to put the roses in water so that the water was only stems and leaves, and the buds remained on the surface. Buds long water treatments only hurt.

You can also put a bouquet in a bath of cold water overnight. But since tap water contains chlorine and many other impurities, then into the bath it is desirable to put 10 tablets of activated charcoal. And in the morning rose pruning and again to put in a vase. Sometimes such manipulations help to extend the life of roses for up to two weeks. But if roses were originally stale, then the above actions is unlikely to help them to revive.