Do men cry?

Most women, for some reason, believe that a man should not cry. So, seeing avaricious man's tears, these ladies just laugh in their faces, calling rag. But it would be worth asking yourself why you can cry the representatives of the stronger sex? After all, they also feel strong emotions, fear for loved ones, sad and worried. And if a woman could easily afford to "let a tear" in a particular situation, the man has a much more complicated.
Keep absolutely all of the experiences in themselves are not capable of even "iron man," sometimes you have to give them out.

Human life is very complex and unpredictable and, sometimes, there are situations in which it is impossible to hold back. The bitterness of disappointment or the pain of loss turned inside out the soul of any man, regardless of his gender. It is worth remembering that male tears is a sign of strength, not weakness. Only a weak man is afraid to show others their reactions for fear of judgment or misunderstanding. It is the weak men in adulthood, often leads to heart attacks. Nervous system "of restrained representative of the stronger sex" for many years saving up nervous tension and not the expressed emotions. This load is not only corrodes the soul, but also pushes (physically) on the heart.
Meanwhile, some men continue to keep your feelings to yourself, no matter what.

Ought not a man to cry

Most often, the representative of the stronger sex can cry only if the experience will be for him unbearable. Some men will just roll just one a single tear, while others will cry from the soul. A tragedy that can not safely move any man – death of loved ones. Meanwhile, it was on his shoulders lay down all the worries, so, gritting his teeth, the man carrying this heavy burden, not being distracted by the experience. But, after all troubles are left behind, even the most brutal representative of the stronger sex can give vent to his emotions. Someone crying, someone screaming – the main thing is not to keep the pain to yourself.

Another reason where a man can cry – a breakup with a beloved. When he realizes that he can't change the situation that he is no longer able to fight, emotions prevail over reason. Many women, seeing men crying, don't understand that these tears are a sign of great love and tenderness to beloved, considering it a sign of weakness. Eventually the woman leaves, dealing it a deadly blow in the heart of the wounded men.

No need to laugh at a man who cried for your eyes. This is a sign that he is open, he trusts you completely, and is not afraid to seem ridiculous or stupid in the eyes of his beloved woman.