Advice 1: How to learn to cry at any moment

Crying can, but not publicly. Not everyone can cry in front of other people, but it's a great way of manipulation. And even the ability to elicit tears is useful on the set or in family life. You should learn a few tricks to cause a tear without effort.
How to learn to cry at any moment
First you have to get rid of the hesitation. Many people do not cry, even when very painful, because they are afraid that they will condemn that bad think of it, will laugh. Watch others and you will realize that only a child drops out of eyes was a negative thing, in adulthood, is a means to achieve their own, and also a way to Express real emotions. In such manifestations there is nothing wrong.

Physical ways to cause tears

The easiest way to cause tears — not to blink. Hold your eyes wide open for a few seconds. The surface starts to dry out, and the drops of the tear streams are the way to restore water balance. You can turn away and then to raise the tearful eyes. But better still to practice.

Could cry and the onions. It is only to sniff or to cut. This option is suitable for filming or theatre, in real life, you will give the smell of this plant, so be careful. A similar method is menthol balm or "asterisk". You need to apply a small amount to the skin under the lower eyelid. The bright scent will definitely bring on the tears, be very careful that the substance does not fall into the eyes.

Use special drops — natural tears. It is a safe way to cause even a tantrum. They will roll like the real thing. But in order to implement it, will have to take a few minutes to quietly them to drip. To purchase a similar product at the pharmacy, and it is important to follow the instructions for use.

But you can still hurt yourself. Pulling hair from the nose or eyebrows also triggers the tearing. And this can be done in almost any atmosphere, and everything will seem very natural.

Moral ways to cry

To squeeze out a tear, you need to remember something terrible. Resentment, a severe shock, the death of loved ones or something everyone has. Just play a moment in a memory and tears welling on my eyes. Of course, not very nice to go back to that time in flashback, but if you really need it you can use. The first time it turns out not at all, because the habit of hiding your emotions interfere, so practice before a mirror helps.

And if you do not want to think about unpleasant in your life, think about movies or literary characters, which rocked. Especially cause the reaction images from my childhood. For example, the picture about how Gerasim drowned Mumu, can touch the heart and help in the implementation of the plan.

But the most important is not just to play tears, and to be sincere to the people around believe. Therefore look at the circumstances around something bad, take a look, and perhaps tears will begin to flow without special effects.

Advice 2: How to learn not to cry

Particularly vulnerable are not only women and children, often in a critical situation, crying and boys, especially in adolescence. This is due to the fact that, for instance, teenagers can't accept the fact that losing control over certain situations that were not in their past. Crying can be the result of accumulated years of stress, or experienced in the recent past shocks. In any case, holders of such a reaction to the problems the oncoming tears bring only trouble. There are several ways to quickly deal with emotions and calm down.
How to learn not to cry
Often the cause of tears is uncertainty in the forces, so you don't hurt to attend a course on self-defense. It will make you stronger both mentally and physically.
In addition, tears can be your reaction to what you don't want to do anything, but do not know how to refuse others. In this case, can help little tricks, for example, in response to the request can also include any urgent matter, or complain that you have too many problems of their own.
If you still treacherous tears run over, you can wash in cold water and wet a handkerchief the neck, if practicable in your situation.
You can use special respiratory system:

a) inhale air through the nose and exhale also through the nose;

b) breathe in the air through the nose and exhale through your mouth make;

C) inhale and exhale do the mouth;

g) inhale air through the mouth and exhale through the nose do.

To do the exercises you need at least for five minutes.
You might think about something not related to a conflict situation.
Useful advice
All the ways to solve the problem with unwanted emotional reaction and tears are very effective. Although not achievable in a relatively short time, but in order to make their lives, if not easier, calmer, no need to be sorry a few free evenings and to cultivate.

Advice 3: How to learn to cry specifically

It is known that women are more emotional, but that helps them to avoid nervous breakdowns, spilling out their emotions. It may seem that these emotions are spontaneous, but in fact it is not always the case. The manifestation of the real emotion – the spectacle is not always aesthetically pleasing – wide-open screaming mouth, fiercely staring eyes, flushed face. Malopriglyadna the appearance of the ladies and when she cries for real. Many of estedi women learned to cry specifically and look not disgusting.
How to learn to cry specifically
If you choose tears instrument of manipulation, it is necessary to consider the reaction of the men. Someone will be quite enough of the stage, with rolling eyes and wringing hands. I still have time to get into lashes, and he was already ready for everything, if only you didn't cry. Before anyone should try and frantically sobbing the whole evening, having achieved considerable difficulty and reddened nose. And someone woman crying without apparent reason in any form just starts to annoy and you risk to remain without the viewer – at the first sign of tears he'll just run away. It is therefore important to choose the right audience.
The emotionality of women allows her to really experience the imagined event. Take advantage of this for their gift. To cry especially, imagine or remember something hurtful or painful to perceive. Practice in front of a mirror, as do actress. Try the scene with wide open eyes (they will begin to tear naturally, if not to blink for some time). See how tragically your eyes fill with tears as beautiful on the lashes tears start to tremble and swell and roll down her cheek. From such a spectacle you will even feel sorry for myself. Try the more complicated version, when tears roll down from under half-closed lashes on her cheeks, but not on the tip of the nose.
Do not forget about which makeup today for you. If your cheeks are densely covered with powder, and his eyes were normal, not waterproof mascara, you, crying, at risk of becoming a real witch with smeared under her eyes and black mascara tracks from her, running down your cheeks. If tears this immediately wipe prudently stashed the handkerchief, they will not be visible and the effect of this crying – zero.
And do not overdo it, evoking unpleasant memories to cry. You can get really so sad that you will forget about his intention to cry on purpose, and the process will go into an uncontrollable stage with red, swollen eyes and nose.

Advice 4: How to learn to hide emotions

In some situations, overly emotional people cannot control what they are very sorry afterwards. Scientists have proved that a splash of negative emotions, contrary to popular belief, negatively affects our physical and emotional state, leaving behind a lot of complexes and psychological trauma.
How to learn to hide emotions
Universal methods of control of own emotions does not exist. Everyone is different, and therefore the approaches to solution of this problem at everyone. However, psychologists believe that to cope with the emotions caused by external stimuli, can self-confident people. So if you want to learn how to hide your emotions, first of all you need to work on your self-esteem. Make it pretty easy.
To begin write down on a piece of paper in two columns your friends and enemies. You will find that people who are nice to you, much more. Understand that they love you because you're a good person – this will raise your self-esteem. Then write one page of their negative, the other positive qualities. Try to review your weaknesses, explain them and turn them into your strengths – this will also affect self-esteem. In addition, every day down a small summary of what you have managed over the day. You will realize that you are actually strong and capable person.
Increasing your self-esteem, try to learn to treat everything with irony. It is humor, in most cases, helps to cope with negative emotions and hide them. If you suddenly come across somebody who wants to hurt you, and you, instead of upset, laugh about it, the offender will realize his weakness in front of you, and you will feel a surge of strength and confidence from what has won a small victory over your emotions.
Helps to hide negative feelings and not to break will help psychological mask. When you somehow sad or hurt, pretend you feel the opposite emotions. After a while you will see that you will actually become easier.
If you are too emotional, try to measure my feelings. For example, if you face any problem, do not splash out their emotions at once, resolve softer, pick neutral words, imagine that you do not care. Take a break from his thoughts until, until you alone. Then write what you think on a piece of paper or discuss with one's closest for you man, and you will feel better.
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