First you have to get rid of the hesitation. Many people do not cry, even when very painful, because they are afraid that they will condemn that bad think of it, will laugh. Watch others and you will realize that only a child drops out of eyes was a negative thing, in adulthood, is a means to achieve their own, and also a way to Express real emotions. In such manifestations there is nothing wrong.

Physical ways to cause tears

The easiest way to cause tears — not to blink. Hold your eyes wide open for a few seconds. The surface starts to dry out, and the drops of the tear streams are the way to restore water balance. You can turn away and then to raise the tearful eyes. But better still to practice.

Could cry and the onions. It is only to sniff or to cut. This option is suitable for filming or theatre, in real life, you will give the smell of this plant, so be careful. A similar method is menthol balm or "asterisk". You need to apply a small amount to the skin under the lower eyelid. The bright scent will definitely bring on the tears, be very careful that the substance does not fall into the eyes.

Use special drops — natural tears. It is a safe way to cause even a tantrum. They will roll like the real thing. But in order to implement it, will have to take a few minutes to quietly them to drip. To purchase a similar product at the pharmacy, and it is important to follow the instructions for use.

But you can still hurt yourself. Pulling hair from the nose or eyebrows also triggers the tearing. And this can be done in almost any atmosphere, and everything will seem very natural.

Moral ways to cry

To squeeze out a tear, you need to remember something terrible. Resentment, a severe shock, the death of loved ones or something everyone has. Just play a moment in a memory and tears welling on my eyes. Of course, not very nice to go back to that time in flashback, but if you really need it you can use. The first time it turns out not at all, because the habit of hiding your emotions interfere, so practice before a mirror helps.

And if you do not want to think about unpleasant in your life, think about movies or literary characters, which rocked. Especially cause the reaction images from my childhood. For example, the picture about how Gerasim drowned Mumu, can touch the heart and help in the implementation of the plan.

But the most important is not just to play tears, and to be sincere to the people around believe. Therefore look at the circumstances around something bad, take a look, and perhaps tears will begin to flow without special effects.