Years of practice has shown that well-timed treatment of colds with home remedies gives excellent results and does not allow the cold to develop into a more serious illness.

So, for the treatment of colds your child you will need liquid honey, nasal drops "Pinosol", breast fee, inhaler, fir oil, sage. If the child has a sore throat, can buy in the pharmacy "Tantum Verde", but it does have some age limits.

Treatment of runny nose in a child

The first thing we should start to fight this cold. In the beginning you need to wash the nose, to do this, try to prepare a solution: a glass of boiled water (not hot) dissolve a quarter teaspoon of baking soda and salt. Rinse the nose with the help of syringe without a needle or pears. To wash the nose preferably several times a day. After each washing of the nose should drip in a nose drop "Pinosol."
Children can drip into the nose, and other drops that have no age restrictions. And for nasal lavage is perfectly located sea water, sold in pharmacies.

Inhalation for the throat

A great way of dealing with a cold is by inhalation. With their help you can affect the Airways, but rather, on their mucous membranes, they also have anti-inflammatory action.

For inhalation it is possible to combine the fir oil and sage. Fir oil improves expectoration, and sage perfectly disinfects the mucous membranes.
On the inhalation you need to take at least 10 minutes.

In between the inhalations you can gargle. You can use the decoction of herbs such as chamomile, St. John's wort or sage. They all have anti-inflammatory action. The temperature of the liquid for rinsing should not exceed 37 degrees.

The treatment of cough

The main danger of a cold is cough, with him you have to fight at the first signs, otherwise there is a risk of complications. For the treatment of cough you can use breast collection. Such infusions should give the child half an hour before meals. In order to better departed sputum, the patient must give as much fluid as possible. With a strong cough you can prepare this decoction: to a Cup of boiling milk add a tablespoon of sage and boil for two minutes. The resulting broth should infuse for 30 minutes.

Remember, it is important not to delay treatment of any disease in the child. If a cold occurs without temperature, you can use folk remedies, but if the baby fever, or colds, dragged a little, call the pediatrician. Only he can make an accurate diagnosis.