Remember, there are no ideal lovers, or lovers. It is a utopia. But there are perfect lovers, there are people whose views on sex and temperament coincide. The only exceptions are professionals, for whom sex is a way to make money. But even among them expert is not much, except if we are talking about the technical fulfillment and possession techniques.
If you decide to succeed in skill and become the best for your partner without regular diverse practices are not enough. Well if you own the theory and a basic knowledge of anatomy, but in sex, as elsewhere – it is better to try once than hear a hundred times. It is a mistake to believe that promiscuity and large number of sexual partners will teach you all the subtleties of good sex. Experts agree that much more experience you will get several regular partners during a long-term relationship. Sex involves trust and the ability to feel chosen without words. This takes time. So do not expect to gain experience during sex in a nightclub toilet with an unfamiliar person to you.
If the you don't feel confident or want to learn all the intricacies of sex, try to enroll in a sexual skill. Serious approach to the choice of the coach. If you are not psychologically comfortable with your coach or you doubt his skills, better look for another. The use of such studies still will not. Read reviews of people who have gone through his training. Think about it, are you satisfied with the results. View videos and read articles. A qualified specialist will certainly provide you some materials for free. Of them you will surely be able to understand whether you are satisfied with the proposed material and experience this guru of sex.
Stop complexes and get rid of frivolous bans. Sex can be everything, the main thing that is liked both. Don't be afraid to talk about sex, ask their partner directly what he likes and what not. Sex is a creative process, so offer to play the partner in a strict teacher and a diligent student, or Vice versa. It is guaranteed to give you the opportunity to learn about his preferences and characteristics.
Learn advanced sex techniques and bring these skills to life. The opinion of people that the most important thing in sex – possession of methods or emotional intimacy and vzaimoponimanie, usually diverge. In any case, it is better to be great at both. Your ability to have sex on the chandelier in the Lotus position is not for everyone, but from a competent game on the "flute" or erotic massage hardly anyone will refuse.
Forget about "good" upbringing in the bedroom it you are unlikely to be useful. As once said of Madonna: "Sex dirty? Unless not wash".