From childhood people are bombarded by a huge flow of false information about that Smoking soothes, gives confidence and helps to socialize in the company of people who are so sweetly sipping a cigarette during breaks or in the evenings. As a result, the young person starts to smoke in times of trouble or just for the company. But with their very first cigarette he falls into the slavish dependence that can last a lifetime. After all, many people smoke from an early age until his death, the cause of which so often cigarette. No smoker wants to continue Smoking, but just are afraid to quit, naively believing that cigarettes help him to overcome difficulties. In all my life Smoking man makes a few dozen attempts to quit, being in search of the best options easy withdrawal. Often raises the reasonable question: should quit abruptly or try to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

Gradual throwing

At the heart of any addiction is the desire to want more and more of the drug, but not Vice versa. And examples of this mass. If at first, the young man begins to smoke cigarettes with marking Lights and packs him enough for the day, then in ten years he already needs to smoke for 40-60 strong cigarettes a day to feel normal and not suffer from depression. At the same time to feel normal means to be in that emotional tone that he had before they started Smoking.

It turns out a paradox: people smoke in order to regain the mood that they had before they started Smoking. It can be compared only to burn his hand just to feel the joy and peace after the burn will stop hurting. And so every day smoker "burn my hand" in order to feel happiness, when the arm is healed. Throwing gradually, a smoker only increases the value of each smoked cigarette, more and more falling into the trap of illusion that he likes to smoke. Therefore, an attempt to quit Smoking gradually to nothing lead.
While thinking about how best to quit Smoking, it is best to hurry up with the decision to quit Smoking. After all, Allen Carr died of lung cancer due to the fact that causing your body severe harm in youth.

To quit Smoking abruptly

Millions of women and men across the Earth to smoke not because they like to do it. They are just not able to throw off the burden of cigarette addiction, but the main reason here is the fear that they may lose the pleasure and support of the ritual of Smoking a cigarette. The process of release from nicotine addiction is easy and painless, and all the problems just from brainwashing. You need to quit Smoking dramatically and immediately, without storing cigarettes at home. Also, don't use willpower, because this approach is ineffective in advance. A stupid decision can be called and the purchase of nicotine gum, patches or pills with cytisine.
So-called nicotine replacement therapies hardly l help to quit Smoking. But if it would be otherwise, Smoking would have long been defeated. The reasons why people cannot quit Smoking are in his illusory beliefs in favor of Smoking.
.To quit Smoking on will power still means to admit that you reject something valuable and pleasant which is fundamentally wrong.

With the 80s there is an effective way to quit Smoking abruptly and forever. For the first time the mechanism of forming the psychological dependence on the Smoking process was discovered by Allen Carr, and this way to quit Smoking has received its name. The genius of this man was able to see the true reason people continue to smoke. Currently the book Allenna Carr available online for free access in audio or text format. Also worth seeing is the film created a network of clinics Allenna Carr. Allenna Carr method is the most effective method on the way to freedom from the explicit dependence on cigarettes. Due to the realization of the meaninglessness of Smoking by the method Allenna Carr quit Smoking millions of people throughout the world. Among these lucky there are such famous people like Ashton Kutcher, Anthony Hopkins and fifty eminent figures.