Studies of American scientists showed that a few minutes before orgasm (in men or women - no difference) in the brain aktiviziruyutsya a certain area (the hypothalamus). He is responsible for the pleasure associated with consumption of beverages or tasty food. Fatigue, hunger, thirst are in a normal condition under constant control.

During sex the body produces the hormone oxytocin. It reduces the psychological protection of the partners, but the trust in each other increases.
This hormone in women is produced more. Probably why she so quickly and easily fall in love.

Orgasm in men

On the strong half oxytocin acts differently. He gives the man only a sense of fun. In addition, the strong part of mankind receives the pleasure hormone – dopamine. Thanks to dopamine, the man after close wants to continue, and the woman falls in love with her partner, she constantly wants to be with him. At the moment of orgasm in men the hormone serotonin. It relaxes, causing a euphoric state. Glycogen decreases. He feeds muscles. As man developed more physically, he also gets tired faster as the process involves all muscle groups. But prolactin and oxytocin in men moving straight to the brain. This is because he has no mammary glands and uterus, which in the "friendly relations" with only female organs. It is easy to imagine what happens in the brain after a hormonal attack.
Even if the stimulation persists, the head will not be able to withstand this again. So the man just relaxes and sleeps.

During arousal the man is released preseminal liquid. She comes from the same channel as the urine. Also during orgasm from the glans penis, a small quantity of white fluid called "semen". Sperm comes out of the jet way.

Orgasm in women

During orgasm in the female body hormone estrogen. Induces the production of mucus from the vagina, which contains specific odors - pheromones. They are very attract and excite a man. Also increased content of prolactin. Hormone which promotes the production of breast milk. The localization of these hormones the Breasts of women. So during sex, the Breasts firmer. And the hormone oxytocin. It affects the muscles of the uterus, increasing its reduction. It forms after birth, warm relationship between mother and baby. Prolactin and oxytocin awaken in the female maternal instinct. Therefore after sex I want to hug, cuddle partner. Satisfied the woman feels happy. Her eyes starts to Shine.