Types of female orgasm

The female orgasm – a thing delicate. You can start with the fact that there are as many as 4 types of orgasms that can test a woman. It is clitoral, vaginal, blended and veganically orgasms.

A clitoral orgasm is achieved through clitoral stimulation. Probably, this kind of orgasm is the strongest and the "point", that is, the most concentrated. It is the fastest type of orgasm to achieve it, the girl needs no more time than the "fast" man. This kind of orgasm can experience any woman.

The vaginal orgasm lasts longer and is felt all over. He achieved the usual frictions that a man does, but woman needs more time than a clitoral orgasm. It is believed that some women cannot experience vaginal orgasm.

Possible mixed type of orgasm: clitoral, vaginal, in which the two previous types of orgasm come at the same time.

A rare form of orgasm, studies show that testing can not every girl. It is achieved through gentle caresses, kisses and the proper mental attitude.

All types of female orgasm are dependent not only on physiological stimulation, but also, in many ways, from the psychological feelings. According to studies, most women prefer sex with a loved partner in a quiet place. For women it is very important to relax and trust the man to get orgasm. Some do not allow "education", but in fact, these means the presence of psychological problems that need to be addressed. Of course, an important role is played by the temperament of the girl.

The sensation of orgasm girls

On average, according to studies, female orgasm lasts from a few seconds to a couple minutes, although recorded more significant records. There is such a thing as multiple orgasm, when a girl feels the pleasure again and again, approaching the very peak.

Of course, the feeling every woman has their own. But there are some common signs. Usually she closes her eyes from pleasure. It's like she dissociates as experiencing a deep and strong feeling. The girls themselves describe it in different words: explosion, soaring, flight, soft mist... Also it depends on the intensity of the orgasm, which is also different. Sometimes orgasms are strong, and really, can you compare them with the explosion, sometimes so soft and quiet that she fixes them almost exclusively matured for them to relax.

In General, the physiology of the female orgasm next. First, there is a feeling as if some pause, after the lower part of the body relaxes and becomes "weightless" feel. Then is spreading a wave of heat and pleasure throughout the body. Sometimes a girl's orgasm feels like inside rhythmically shrinking muscles. Some of the cervix is the release of the secret man is quite clearly felt. After orgasm comes relaxation.