Differences genuine orgasm

Orgasm is a very strong sense, therefore, experiencing him, the woman closes her eyes. This is the same as the kissing: when people kiss, they can't keep my eyes open, if you get a real pleasure.

A very important feature of orgasm during orgasm, the woman usually there is a uniform contraction of the muscles of the vagina and uterus, it is almost ripple. A man will definitely feel it.

After orgasm women are usually relax. They become calm, they want to lie, sometimes even to sleep. If you see that the partner is active and excited after sex, she is trying to prolong the contact, actively talking is a sign that she was not satisfied.

During orgasm, women are able to control the expression of his face, and it may take a strange form, something like a grimace, as if she feels unbearable pain. That's OK, because the sensations that she feels really strong. Then it will take blazhenstvuya and pretty smile, but during orgasm, her face can look pretty weird.

Orgasm is a sensation which affects the whole body. While it lasts, heartbeat quickens considerably. Not, if a woman merely shows a fun.

How to help a woman to orgasm

Sexologists have found that to orgasm only from penetration and frictions capable of no more than 30% women, the rest need clitoral stimulation. Therefore, choose such poses, which will be able to fondle her.

Sometimes you do everything right, but the woman to get orgasm just need a little more time. Be considerate of her feelings, watch how it behaves. To be able to experience this feeling at the same time or to help her get it first, you need to show sensitivity and attention to the needs of the partner.

Why do women fake

If you think your girl is faking it, then you should not be offended by her or disappointed in her. Try to start to talk to her. Why is she pretending to be? Some women are afraid to talk about their true desires in sex, because I think that will look strange in the eyes of the partner. Sometimes they don't want men found them to be loose. The reasons may be others, but in any case, it is necessary to find out why the woman to orgasm, although not experiencing it. Sometimes it is useful to undergo a medical examination, because some diseases can prevent the woman to enjoy sex.

It happens that a woman does not have the above signs of orgasm, but she feels it. The female orgasm – slim phenomenon. Every women can be a bit different. If your partner looks happy and assures you that everything is in order, it makes sense to believe her word, even if some signs of orgasm described here, you did not notice.