Male orgasm

The male orgasm has several features. First, it can be tested only once during intercourse. Actually, the male orgasm is a sexual act usually ends. Second, a considerable number of men said that they experience similar feelings with different women, that is, orgasm is not so much depends on the partner.

At that time how a man gets an orgasm, their body produces various substances: serotonin with oxytocin – they are responsible for pleasure, and norepinephrine with prolactin are hormones fatigue and sleepiness. It turns out that men usually feel something like a blast of pleasure and then happy fatigue and desire to rest. Sensation when orgasm can range from the enormous physical pleasure and emotional intensity to the feelings are not stronger than any person feels when sneezing.

The female orgasm

The female orgasm – the phenomenon is more complex than the male. But feel its not all ladies, and even those who are familiar with this wonderful feeling, get it every time. You can start with the fact that there are several types of female orgasm, and each of them have different sensations. Women themselves are often not even aware of all this, as many of them have never experienced some kinds of orgasm.

Clitoral orgasm – heard about it, probably everyone who knows what a clitoris is. This is a small organ that is responsible for sexual pleasure in women. A clitoral orgasm gives a very powerful feeling women often say that feel like waves of pleasure spread from that point throughout the body. This type of orgasm is able to test every woman.

Vaginal orgasm is possible from contact with a male's penis. The vaginal wall is covered by a sensitive mucous membrane, and its stimulation by frictions allows the woman to experience vaginal orgasm. Feelings are less intense than a clitoral orgasm, they can even be a little bit blurry, but very deep. Sexologists believe that this type of orgasm available for about 50-70% of women (exact count not yet obtained).

Orgasm G spot occurs when this spot is stimulated during intercourse or other means. This is exactly the type of orgasm that women can occur in Squirting or ejaculation. Those who are familiar with this feeling, say that they are having such a strong euphoria, that even you forget where we are. To experience that kind of orgasm all women are capable of.

Also women can have an orgasm without directly sexual intercourse, only foreplay. If the partner does it quite skillfully and carefully, they feel gradually increases arousal, which then reaches a peak, after which there is relaxation and a feeling of lightness and happiness.

It is important to understand that each person has their own feelings from orgasm, no two people are alike, which would describe your orgasm the same words.