What is friendly sex?

The main advantage of such intimate communication is simplicity. A girl can find a partner for sex, which will experience exceptionally friendly emotions. It is important that a potential partner had exactly the same range of emotions. Friendly sex, when two adults are satisfied with the lack of obligations and restrictions. It can continue only until such time when there is the slightest hint of hope that the current situation could become something more. Rarely available, the relationship becomes a serious relationship.

Friendly sex is convenient because it does not require long visits, gifts, recognition of mutual interests. This kind of relationship as precise as possible. Both partners have read the list of disadvantages, but do not pay attention to them, then they together do not live. This kind of communication is suitable for those who have little time for life and romance, but there is a need for sex.
It is important to distinguish between emotions and sex. One can exist without the other. But not everyone fits such a position.

Complexity and cons of friendly sex

Friendly sex imposes only one obligation – no hard feelings. If the meeting is postponed, it is necessary to take it for granted. If something went wrong, you need to clarify ambiguities and to continue a pleasant chat. We can say that the friendly sex invented solely for pleasure. These are the simplified relationships, discarding all that may cause irritation, jealousy, anger, and other bunch of the usual "romantic" emotions.

The disadvantage of such kind of relationship can be called secrecy. Better not to tell anyone about the fact that such relationships exist. Our society still looks askance at a situation where the woman has a lover purely for fun. Besides, gossip behind the back is quite frustrating.
If it lasts quite a long time, do not think that you can translate them in a more traditional direction.

In any case it is not necessary to plan for the future. Girls often start to want more after some time, think about the future and so on. Often such ideas and desires-sided, this can lead to resentment or jealousy. If such desires and ideas appear to be necessary to complete such relationship, so as not to ruin your life. That is why friendly sex contraindicated owners.