Friendship is selfless and at the same time, the personal relationships built between people. They are based on trust, mutual sympathy, sincerity, common Hobbies and interests. A prerequisite for the formation and further development of friendly relations is the absence of any interpersonal competition and relatively equal location on the social ladder. Real friends will love you not for your accomplishments or relationships, but just because you are. It is to you they turn for help. And, conversely, that they will be able to help and support in any situation. Only a true friend will never leave you alone (or one). You'll miss this man when he wasn't around, and in the moment think "why I missed you (missed) it"?.After all, true friendship like love is the strongest feeling that unites hearts. In today's world to find such friends is quite difficult, because people make too many demands on your potential friend. In General, friends do not need to look, they eventually do. For example, when you need someone's help. Help each other must be spiritual. Such assistance is simply impossible to compare with any material support, because it is real feelings and care, good advice and sympathy...Physical needs of the person in care may be only some trifle in his life, but still, they play just great value. This is moral needs are very important when people are in a stressful situation, depressed.True friendship has no rules, friends can set your own rules. It's only their personal relationships. Of course, that friendship must not only use the help when it is needed, but also to support and help in return.