To understand who you are to each other, ask a young person directly, as it applies to you. The pitfalls of this method lie in the fact that the guy can lie, so afraid that because of his confession will lose you as a friend. In addition, if your friend really has a crush on you and confessed to you and you are solely friendship remains sincere and trusting relationship will not return.
If you think that your friend started wrong to flirt with you, ask how he's doing on the personal front. Quite possibly, he now has a strained relationship with his regular girlfriend, and he just needs affection, so he embraces you in a joint viewing of the film.
Can try to provoke your friend. Palermoite it with any of your friends, tell a tall tale about that you got asked on a date and look closely for a reaction of the young man. If you are still just a friend, it would rejoice and inspire you.
When you are alone, notice the pupils of your friend. It is desirable that the environment in which you at that time will be, could be called intimate. If his pupils are dilated, so he feels for you is not friendship.
Note how often your boyfriend touches you. If he removes you from his cheek stuck crumbs, straightens a strand of hair that had come loose from your hair, shake your clothes from a non-existent garbage and tries to cuddle up to you in an empty people transport, allegedly with the intention to protect you from the crowd – he likes you not as a friend.
Wait until your friend he will make the first move. He is still a man, let him take the initiative. Let him know that he had nothing to fear that you are not moving your relationship to a new level. Clever boy will not keep you waiting long.