Advice 1: What is friendship

Friendship is the relationship between people, not supported by receipt of any benefit, that is totally unselfish. Yes, today one can hardly find a person who would not understand the meaning of the word friendship, but there are many manifestations of friendship, which is sometimes difficult to understand.
What is friendship
When in kindergarten, kids start to play hide and seek together, share toys and go for walks, holding hands is the first manifestation of friendship. People learn to make friends from early childhood on, keeping the ability up to old age and, sometimes, even don't think about it. And what is friendship? Communication between people, human emotions, feelings and always ready to support, to talk, to help. It arises on the basis of mutual understanding, community views and nature and can grow into the strongest respect, mutual affection and a pretty strong emotional connection.

Friendship is something akin to love, but here we are talking primarily about the communication between people of the same sex. If two women are friends, they share experiences, console each other and give advice. Friends can walk together through the shops, sharing the good news and to seek solace in matters of the heart. However, there is the option of female friendship that occurs temporarily because of the need for both women. Such a Union will be hold up as long as its members need each other, and then disintegrate, as if it never happened.

Friendship also has the right to life and, inexplicably, considered a much stronger and decent female friendship. But do not forget that everything also depends on individual perception and of the people themselves. Men build their relationship a little differently than women, hence the misconception that they can is better to be friends. However, in the history of the relationship of many examples of a long and strong friendship of two women, and a short brief of camaraderie among men.

Very interesting topic – opposite-sex friendship. For a long time it was believed that between a man and a woman purely friendly relations are impossible, by definition. And even if one of them is solely Platonic purpose in the plans of another, certainly includes something more. Really this friendship is indeed possible and even has a right to exist no less than gay. And if two people understand each other, can comfort and support and do not dream about sex, whether has any value, what sex they are? From the same point of view, it is impossible to be friends with gay people just because you can inadvertently become the object of their sexual interest.

Friendship is one of the key aspects in social relationships of people. Communication does not always turn into friendship, but if you have a interesting warm company and good friends, you much easier to live in the world, because you have the most important value – human communication.

Advice 2 : How to tell a child what friendship is

"No hundred roubles, and have hundred friends!" - this saying was developed at a time when this amount was very impressive. Of course, a true friendship can not buy for any money, however, saying once again stressed: friends should be cherished! When the child grows up, naciet to speak confidently, to play with other children, he chooses his friends first. Of course, mom and dad want their baby to communicate with good, kind, well-mannered kids.
How to tell a child what friendship is
Remember: all the time. Two-year-old, happily playing with the other children in the sandbox, will not consider someone as a potential friend or girlfriend he's too young for this. Accordingly, senseless will be the advice of parents: "would You be friends with Petya, he's so well behaved and calm!" or "be Friends with Dolly, such a good girl!" The kid just didn't know what he should do. But to tell him about the friendship it is necessary!
Read stories and nursery rhymes, watching cartoons with the child, which says about friendship. This is to ensure that the baby's head appeared a clear thought: Friendship is good! Let him remember the word and its mention will get positive emotions, because this is very important.
Three-year-old baby can more or less clearly determined: who he wants to be friends with and who - no. At this stage, show tact and patience, remembering that the logic of an adult and a child are completely different things. For example, situation: your child wants to be friends with good, kind boy, because of a defect. And a child answers the question "Why is he not friendly?" - "Because he's ugly!"
Gently but firmly reassure the child that moral values have nothing to do with appearance. There will some kind of cautionary tale (like the "Ugly duckling"), the parable or story of life.
When you become a little older, be sure to explain to him, what is the value of true friendship. The task of moms and dads – to convince his offspring that other have to help, to share with him, to keep from bad behavior. Not asking anything in return, without asking the question: "what do I have?". Then the other will come with him in the same way.
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